List of top child friendly search engines

We use Google search to search the internet, but now the internet is not even untouched for children and if they have to search anything on the internet then they also use Google but do Google search for children correct ? In many ways – 

In many previous posts, we have seen  parental control. Like we talked about the topic, in which we told that how to make internet, YouTube, mobile phone safe for children, we have given many options for this. But when it comes, we have only one option to search and that is Google search. Today, we are not describing the world’s best search engine as safe for children and this is because all kinds of content comes in Google’s search results. You also know that it is difficult to keep children away from the Internet in today’s time, so how can they be given safe internet search? For this, there are many options on the Internet where special search engines have been created for children, the content which is not suitable for children is blocked and only the content which is suitable for children is found in the search, Some such search engines are – 

List of child friendly search engines

  1. www.kidrex.org
  2. www.kiddle.co
  3. www.juniorsafesearch.com
  4. www.kidzsearch.com
  5. www.kidtopia.info

Let us tell you that more than half of these search engines have been created using Google Custom Search , with this technique you can create your own search engine and filter the search according to your own. 
Now it comes to know how to tell the children that if you have to go to search, then you can use many ways for this, like – 

  • Bookmark the site and tell the children that if they want to search for anything, then use this bookmark. 
  • Save these search engines in your browser as the default search engine, so that whenever children open the browser to search for anything, the same search engine will open. 
  • Also , make a shortcut of your site on the desktop , so that the same site will open directly from the shortcut and no one else. 

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