LOC: Indian army fires on UN vehicle, UN observers narrowly escape

Muzaffarabad: The Indian Army, once again provoking the LOC, opened fire on a UN vehicle, but the officers narrowly escaped.

According to the Pakistan Army Public Relations Department (ISPR), the Indian Army opened unprovoked fire on the LOC in Chadi Kot sector and deliberately targeted a UN vehicle carrying two UN military observers. Police were on their way to the village to meet the victims of the violations.

The UN vehicle was damaged by the firing of the Indian army, however, the two UN military observers in the vehicle remained safe and were safely shifted to Rawalpindi by the Pakistan Army.
According to ISPR, UN vehicles are clearly recognizable from afar and the UN inscription on them can be seen from afar, yet they were targeted.

According to the Pakistan Army spokesman, the move by the Indian Army is illegal, immoral and a clear violation of military rules. This is not only a blatant violation of the UN Charter, but also a gross act.

According to the DG ISPR, the Pakistan Army expresses solidarity with the UN observers. The Pakistan Army has always shown full respect to the military observers and has never interfered with their responsibilities.

Earlier, the District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) said that the Indian Army opened fire on a UN vehicle in the police sector of the LoC, causing no casualties but damaging the UN vehicle. Arrived when UN officers took refuge in a Pakistan Army check post.

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