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By:- Aisha Bawa

As loving yourself may define my point of view as a selfish person but as I am neither a selfish nor self-centered person but as time passes by I think there might be a majority of people getting me wrong and utilizes me.
I just observe my surroundings and play according to that because not ruling out the situation and playing through one perspective may destroy your personality.
Loving yourself doesn’t mean to be very specific before your self but that means you start taking care of yourself rather taking care and wanted to get the attention of those people who are not even considering you as a whole lively person. Beware of such people….!
Knowing your worth is the priority one should know. I was never a person who can think of herself but with the passage of time and observations, I can clearly say that priority should be yourself. I am just finding myself a bit self-centered but if you trust my words then carry-on you would get my point. Still, I am working on myself to get away from those people who don’t owe me, but trust me nature never changes. We unintentionally choose everyone to not blemish them until we hurt ourselves. I don’t mind if being hurt if it’s unintentionally but some people never show gratitude towards your behavior. Be kind enough to help others but don’t hurt yourself. Always open your eyes and observe your surroundings, you don’t need to overdose your kindness.
Here is the main thing I want to discuss, once you make yourself powerful you can do something you want to do. Being powerful doesn’t mean being strong enough to fight back but here being powerful means to be strong enough to help others, to motivate others. Educate yourself on your basics. I am struggling to do so, but I am sure one day I will get to my destinations soon In sha Allah.
Let’s come to the point to make you stronger and healthier physically and mentally. This is my exact definition to be a strong and healthy lifestyle, which you owe yourself. This makes you prestigious towards your self. Just making yourself prestigious doesn’t mean you won’t be good towards others. This is just the beginning of your personality building.
A strong personality improvises better ideas and visuals, which spontaneously leads to a better world. A positive mind and soul bring good aspects to our life.
In the end, I would figure out my thoughts here, and I am sure that till here I have described enough to show a difference between being good and kind enough to not hurt yourself is the side-by-side thing where you appropriately can love yourself and it would never count as a self-centered person. Make yourself and your personality strong and healthy and observe every action of your surroundings. Take actions over the inappropriate act if it’s in your reach.

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