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Make your own GIFs on WhatsApp and get lots like

On Facebook-owned app WhatsApp you may have expressed feelings many times with the help of emoji and text, but have you ever expressed yourself with the help of a GIF picture. There are a lot of GIFs available on WhatsApp, from which you can choose to send it to friends or contacts. This feature of WhatsApp has been given to both Android and iOS users. If you can’t find a favourite GIF app, you can make GIFs yourself.

Convert smartphone’s gallery to GIF

You can convert the moments in your smartphone’s gallery to GIF and send them to WhatsApp contact. Apart from this, any part of a long video can also be converted into a GIF. You can make a GIF of anyone video in six seconds or less and some easy steps will have to be adopted for this. 

Important Steps in Making GIF

First open WhatsApp on your smartphone. Open the chat window of any WhatsApp contact or group you want to send a GIF to. Click on the attachment icon shown in the chatbox. After that select the video from your phone’s gallery that you want to send as a GIF. Whatsapp shows you the preview of the video, you can trim this video and also select a short clip. Now you tap on the GIF box and after that, the video will be automatically converted into GIF. If you want, you can reduce the length of the video and you will get the best results. If you want, you can add text, caption or emoji to this GIF before sending it.

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