Matric Student Constructs a Car Out of an Old Motorcycle

A Khanewal Matriculation student has succeeded in building a vehicle out of an old motorbike engine and discarded auto components. This was disclosed in an UrduPoint report.

The kid explained that watching his classmates drive automobiles made him desire one as well, but due to financial restrictions, his father was unable to grant his dream, so he decided to construct one himself.

The youngster explained that he started by sketching out what he wanted his automobile to look like and then building a little prototype based on it. He then proceeded to add pieces to the model and refine it until it was fully functioning.

People in the area began calling him “engineer” and the display car “baby car” when they saw the automobile’s model, he claimed.

Following his initial effort, the child wanted to take his work to the next level and addressed the subject with his father, who was enthusiastic about the concept. He dismantled the engine of an old motorbike in his garage and began repairing it. His father was so impressed by his enthusiasm that he offered to assist him get the remainder of the materials for the automobile.

When asked about the automobile, the student stated that the engine gets around 25 km/l on average. He went on to say that he prefers to use the automobile to transport large goods rather than to travel.

The student stated that because his invention was built with passion, he would not be ready to sell it for even Rs. 1,000,000. He went on to say that if he can do this, other brilliant Pakistani kids should step forward and pursue their ambitions as well.

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