MBBS and BDS Result 2021 Karachi University

The result of the MBBS and BDS 2021 has been announced by Karachi University. The result gazette has been issued by the university from which the students may review their grades. The final technical examination 2020 of the MBBS and BDS was previously administered by the Karachi Medical and Dental College and the results of the medical examinations were announced for the candidates who appeared. The girls have clinched the top positions in the MBBS and BDS exams and the rank holders will be given certificates and medals on the basis of their distinction. In order to get to know about their marks in the annual tests, candidates are told to take a look at the gazette issued by the university.

MBBS Result 2021 Karachi University

According to the KU MBBS 2020 results figures, 297 candidates were registered to take part in the exam and all of them took it. 238 candidates have passed the tests, according to the officials of Karachi University, and the overall passing percentage of BDS final professional annual examinations is 80.13 percent, out of a total of 1800 marks, 1472, 1434 and 1423 marks have been obtained by the first, second and third place holders.

BDS Result 2021 Karachi University

According to the exam controller, there were 103 applicants eligible for the 2020 BDS final technical examination. According to the data, in the examination 102 students participated, among whom 89 candidates obtained passing marks. The cumulative passing rate of the 2020 KU BDS outcome is 87.25 percent . The overall review marks are 1000 and the place holders have earned marks of 804, 783 and 775 and have taken first, second and third slots, respectively. It is recommended that candidates keep in contact with to get a hand on all the new academics and updates on the outcome.

Karachi University – A premiere centre of learning and Research

In 1947, the resources for higher education and research were insignificant when Pakistan was created as a sovereign state. Pakistan began to create the relevant educational institutions for higher education and research and has therefore been rapidly modernised in response to the urgent need for higher education. In June 1951 Pakistan Parliament established the University of Karachi. The present campus to be transferred by the university in 1959 covers 1,279 hectares, located 12 kilometres from the centre of the city.

The university is today a leading centre in the Subcontinent and in the Third World for learning and research. Many of the university’s scientists and researchers work in key positions both inside and outside Pakistan and were honoured and acknowledged. The Third World Academy of Sciences has been honoured as one of the University Institutes. Centre. Master’s and PhD degrees are also attended by students from different countries. Given the high university academic and research standards, here a wide range of students are applying for admission from Karachi and elsewhere in the country. The University started night classes in a variety of BS and Masters departments in view of the extremely high numbers of applicants, and a Directorate of the Evening Program to monitor and run Evening Program was established.
The University campus currently has six faculty teaching courses, which include the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Science, the Islamic Studies Faculty, the Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Pharmacy. Over 52 departments and 19 research institutes / centres, including students from abroad, provide education to over 24 000 students. The faculty consists of more than 700 highly qualified and experienced teachers, many of whom have graduated from abroad and have an internationally acclaimed reputation. There are over 1700 non-teaching staff who assist with administrative and other matters.

Karachi University as an Examination Body

The University of Karachi is also an associate and examination body, which currently comprises 145 colleges and institutions. The university approves study courses for these institutions and also conducts exams under their auspices. The University reviews and prepares its results and awards for approximately 150,000 students who are studying in these universities.

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