MBBS in China 2022 Admission & Scholarships for Pakistan

MBBS in China (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) has always been a desire of all pre-medical students throughout the world since some want to serve mankind in the best way possible and others want to fulfil their parents’ and families’ wishes. China is a popular student destination, and it is rapidly expanding. Students from all around the world are flocking to Chinese universities to gain information and accomplish their academic ambitions. Study MBBS IN CHINA (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), BDS IN CHINA (Bachelor of Dental Surgery), and programmes for Master degree of Medicine, Master degree of Dentistry in English are also accessible for international students.

Many Chinese cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing (the nation’s capital), Guangzhou (where business fairs are held), and Shenzen (where the globe is displayed), are now on par with Canberra, New York, Ottawa, Berlin, and Tokyo due to their level of technological advancement.

MBBS in China 2022 Admission

The greatest places in China to earn an MBBS (Clinical Medicine) degree are sought after by international students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree in medicine. One of the world’s largest educational systems is found in China. When China revealed that there were 10.31 million students taking the National Higher Education Entrance Examination (Gao Kao) in China, it made headlines in June 2019. China has invested more than $685 billion and 4.11 percent of its GDP annually in education.

MBBS Admission Acceptance rate in China

The People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Education said in April 2019 that more than 490,000 foreign students had studied there in 2017. Over a thousand higher education institutes in China are already enrolling international students from all over the world. International students studying in Chinese high schools and colleges have long received an education from China. Every year during the past several years, a growing number of international students have chosen to study abroad in China.

MBBS Teaching Framework in China

China has a well-established framework for teaching development. China pays instructors a great lot of respect and attention. Teachers spend a lot of time monitoring each student in class and are highly qualified experts in their field. After being hired by a school, instructors are put through an intensive introduction and ongoing professional development programme where they collaborate with master teachers to improve the curriculum.

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Why MBBS in China?

For a new immigrant, living in one of the world’s largest nations with one of the greatest populations is a very positive experience. At first, a new arrival could find it challenging to adjust to a location with so much diversity, but it doesn’t take long for a new arrival to realise that the more diversity, the more experience, and the more experience, the more learning. China is the world’s factory, supporting the economies of many other nations. On the planet Earth, 1.4 billion people live in China. A nation with such a large population that lives in peace and control and is one of the world’s superpowers is not less than anything.

1. Great Historical Background and Culture

International students get the chance to experience studying abroad in China and gain insight into Chinese culture. International students will have an advantage when exploring future prospects in China if they have knowledge of both China and their home countries. Due to its extensive culture and rich history (spanning more than four thousand years), China has emerged as one of the most sought-after study abroad destinations for international students.

2. Low Living Cost

In compared to the United States and other western nations, living expenses and tuition are both relatively cheaper. International students can study in China while also saving money to do so. Scholarships are available from the government, colleges, foundations, and businesses to help overseas students in a variety of academic fields.

3. English is a medium of instruction

English is a common language of instruction for international pupils. International students who wish to enrol in a degree programme in China but don’t want to devote an additional two years to Chinese language study might choose an English-taught programme.

4. Availability of Internships and Jobs

International students are now permitted to work part-time or complete internships while they are studying in China after the government changed the visa regulations for foreign nationals. If an international student in China with a residency visa gets permission from their academic institutions and the entrance and exit administrative authorities, they are permitted to work a part-time job or do an internship away from the school.

MBBS in China 2022 Universities List

  • Jilin University
  • China Medical University
  • Dalian Medical University
  • Capital Medical University
  • Fudan University
  • Jiangsu University
  • Tianjin Medical University
  • Wenzhou Medical University

MBBS Scholarships in China

We’re informing you that CEC Pakistan has issued a number of MBBS scholarships to help Pakistani students studying in Chinese universities. Before applying for the running year as well, candidates are urged to thoroughly verify their eligibility. Successful candidates for this scholarship get the opportunity to study medicine in Chinese universities.

MBBS in China Scholarships for Pakistani Students Universities List

University NameScholarship Type
Zhejiang UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
Shandong UniversityCGS; US
Jiangsu UniversityCGS; CLGS; US; ES
Chongqing Medical University CLGS
Xiamen UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
Nantong UniversityCLGS
Fujian Medical UniverstiyCGS; CLGS; US
Zhengzhou UniversityCGS; US
Liaoning Medical UniversityCGS
China Medical UniversityCGS; CLGS
Dalian Medical UniversityCGS; CLGS
Wuhan UniversityCGS; US
Tongji UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
Ningbo UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
Fudan UniversityCGS; CLGS

The deadline for applications has gotten closer. Up to the deadline, you can apply for this scholarship. You submit the online application forms by visiting the official website. Fill out the application form completely. All necessary documents must be attached, and they must be sent to the appropriate department.

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