MDCAT Question Bank issue finally resolved

The final date of MDCAT and provincial testing universities have been announced by the Pakistan Medical Commission, however, apart from the question bank, there are many questions in the minds of the students.

To get answers to all these questions, PMC officials were met and their questions were asked from the students so that all the answers could be taken.

Will Hafiz Quran get extra marks in MDCAT?

This is the question that was being asked by Hafaz Quran so that they can get additional marks for this additional education at the time of admission to medical colleges and increase the chances of admission. However, the news is not good for students in this regard, officials has clarified that this time PMC is not likely to give extra marks to such students

How will the marks of Elective Papers be calculated?

Those who asked this question were the children who passed the examination under the corona policy last year and were given marks on the basis of elective subjects. The percentage of the full inter result of the year or the current year will be calculated based on which it will be included in the merit.

Whose Question Bank will it be for MDCAT?

This is the most important question due to which the students are still mentally anxious and they are facing great difficulties in preparing for MDCAT. Papers will have to be made from syllabus and question bank. Universities will not be allowed to use their own question bank or syllabus. Copies Students will be able to take a copy with them to the examination center and check their answers from the “Paper Answers Key” released on the PMC website in the evening of the same day.

However, it was clarified by the authorities that different papers will come from the PMC syllabus and question bank in all the universities, that is, the MDCAT of the testing university of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will be different, while the MDCAT of the universities of other provinces will contain different questions. It will be ensured that the exam syllabus and PMC question bank are not out of the bank

In this regard, President PMC will make the final announcement of all the decisions in the next week.

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