Media Culture and Ethics

The media holds a key pillar in the education and development of any community and nation. The media seals the way of entering a new era as well as awareness in society. Newspapers, magazines, radio, and TVs were one of the biggest pillars of the media at a time, but a branch of their social media has grown rapidly in recent days and took the media to a different point. Social media has got a key role in the media through information, and the fastest sources of news, through face-book, Twitter, WhatsApp.

It was a time when Pakistan had only one television channel that provided good entertainment in our country along with the only source of information and news to us. In this era, Pakistan Television was the foundation of its era’s scholars, intellectuals, poets, writers, actors, singers, musicians, and directors.

If we study the history of television in the 80s, we found all the performing fields were at their top. Being the same official TV channel, there was also control over the news in the entire country and the source of information was either 9:00 pm news or printed newspapers.

Similarly, in 2000, in the name of sudden freedom of speech, one of the television institutions, like a pudding in Pakistan, came into existence and took every kind of ethical boundaries with them.

In the past 12-14 years, in the view of “Freedom of Speech” a lot of Television channels got licenses, which brought the dramatic changes in the field especially in drama, Pakistani drama once which was at the height of its state replaced with the dramas and characters of the neighboring countries whose goal was to spread only his religion and culture.

Just to maintain the 24/7 cycle, the quality went on to work on quantity, Private institutions first emphasized spreading the issue without the responsibility of news, which kept scattering the pressures of the journalism.

Currently, there are 124 licensed television channels in Pakistan and near future, 4 new channels are on the verge to get licenses.

Just for the sack of entertainment, we took all those subjects which are Taboo, in our society and as discussion comedians are always ready and available on T.V screens to humiliate Politicians, Intellectuals, and Civilians as well as arm forces.

Social Media:-

The first initiative was seen as a social interaction, but after some time, it took over the whole world, and start influencing governments, as well as the customs of society. In Pakistan, it showed his influence as like other countries, but our nation took it to a different level and understood it only as a field of political and religious debate.

By using the name of “Freedom of Expression” social media start spreading all those things which were censorable in Electronic or print media. Where the social media gave freedom of expression and freedom of speech there it also helped us to start our political, military, religious and militant activities and started fatal fights around the clock. Our country, where we make hue and cry for the lack of education, our intellectuals tried this media for them to excel their fan following, but in this case, they also become the part of this low-level mentality knowledge and wisdom which changed the whole scenario.

In the recent past, one of the opposition parties choose social media, as the plate farm to disrupt the Govt, but they took it negatively/destructive rather than positive/constructive. That created a hate wave in the voters and supporters of the opposition party against the Govt and its Voters/Supporters. They started bullying and character assassination of the ministers and the Prime minister (Their families and especially the females) of the country not only in Pakistan but all over the world were ever even singly Pakistani lives.

As a ripple effect, another side also started and using the same behaviour and language as well which resulted from a decline in moral and ethical values in our society. Now the duty of intellectuals is double as compared to recent past

  • First, educate the Society
  • The second built moral and ethical values among the Society
  • As we all know that this screen is becoming smaller day by and our control over it is decreasing, so now its duty to educate our youth and train them on how to use this media positively.
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Hassam Durrani

Columnist, Analyst, Raabta.Net, Raabta,net/urdu, Daily Frontier Post, Daily Leader, Mera Sehar Lahore, President PFUC (Punjab Wing), YouTuber. Content Writer/ Producer Current Affair Programs at Channel 5, Daily Khabrain Group. News Associate Producer at 7 News (The Aspire Group)

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