Mobile phones in which Apps like YouTube will stop working after 13 days? Know

In today’s story we are telling you in which mobile phones the most important features like Gmail, YouTube will stop working after 13 days.

According to international media, most people who use Android phones change their devices every 3 to 4 years, but there are some who use the same device for years.

If you are also using an old Android phone like this, now is the time to get a new phone.

Failure to do so will result in Google blocking several of its key apps, such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and others, on older Android phones from September 27.

The company confirmed in August that it plans to block sign-in with Google accounts on older Android phones.

Smartphones running Android 2.3 will lose Google services from September 27.

Android 2.3 or Android Gingerbread was introduced by Google in December 2010 and is now obsolete 11 years later.

It should be noted that the support of this version of Android has already been removed by WhatsApp.

According to Google, the purpose of removing support for Android 2.3 is to ensure the safety of users.

Earlier, in February 2017, Google suspended Google Pay Contactsless Payments for phones running Android 2.3.

But from September 27, not all users will be able to sign in to their Google account on these devices and will be prompted with a username and password error.

The same error occurs when opening a Google Calendar or Gmail account.

Similarly, other popular Google apps like YouTube, Google Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail and others will not work.

To use these apps, you will need to upgrade to Android 3.0, since older Android phones do not have operating system upgrades, or you just need to get a phone.

By the way, Google will provide some discounts and possibly access to some services through the browser, but the apps will be blocked forever.

It is difficult to say how many phones will be affected by Google’s decision, but it is estimated that there are currently more than 3 billion Android devices operating around the world, so many people could be affected by this change.

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