Modi government’s policies failed against Corona: The New York Times

The New York Times has opened a pool of Modi government’s policies against Corona, saying that despite the severe lockdown, Corona cases and deaths are high in India.

A report released by the New York Times says that the Indian people are losing confidence in the government. Despite severe lockdowns, India has more corona cases and deaths, while Pakistan has fewer cases than India. Not only down but also other factors were important, which were ignored by the Modi government.

The report says that the question is whether the Modi government has taken drastic measures, the death rate seems to have not happened, 60% of the cases in India are from Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Pune, the highest in Mumbai. More than 20 per cent corona cases were reported while the situation is similar in Modi’s home state of Gujarat.

The New York Times reported that the Indian financial capital Mumbai and Chennai have lost most of their health resources, Modi’s policies have killed people with hunger and poverty, and most of the poor have fallen victim to this policy. Modi’s India is only for the rich, today the caste system has become clear how minorities have been left helpless in the plague, only one on the lips of every poor and helpless worker who was exhausted from the scorching sun and hunger. The point was, trust in God and this is actually distrust of the Modi government.

The New York Times added in the report that Modi’s code policy also failed after the Chinese defeat at Ladakh, focusing on the LOC and other factors to cover up the internal failure Arne mentioned it again and again.

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