Muslims are being deliberately hurt: Prime Minister Imran Khan

we cannot tolerate the insult of our Prophet PBUH

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that we cannot tolerate the insult of our Prophet PBUH and Muslims are being deliberately hurt.

According to Express News, the ambassadors of the OIC member countries met with Prime Minister Imran Khan, in which the Prime Minister briefed them on Pakistan’s efforts at the international level to eradicate Islamophobia.

The Prime Minister said that terrorism and extremism have no religion, linking extremism with Islam affects Muslims globally, if a Muslim attacks then all Muslims are blamed, Pakistan promotes tolerance in the world. Is committed to cooperating with the international community and striving for interfaith harmony.

The Prime Minister said that our Prophet lives in our hearts, we cannot tolerate the insult of our Prophet. Muslims are being deliberately offended, Islamophobia has increased in Western countries and religion is not considered as a religion in Western countries. Blasphemy under the guise of freedom of expression hurts one and a half billion Muslims, Islamophobia fuels interfaith hatred, collective efforts are needed to eradicate Islamophobia, I try to make Muslim countries aware of this sensitive issue. But let the OIC play a role in creating global awareness in this regard.

During the meeting, the ambassadors of OIC countries assured Prime Minister Imran Khan to take up the matter.

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