My Lord Dollar,
Pak Diplomacy between Afghans and Taliban

By: Azeem BUTT

Recently I met a friend who has a lot of research on the Baloch situation and resistance movements. Since he himself belongs to South Punjab and keeps mentioning the concerns of a separate province and the lava that grows in the people there. This time when they met, he mentioned two important things in detail. Which I may not be able to describe due to some censorship and security issues, but I think it is necessary to say inappropriate words as a prelude.
“According to my information, Dr Allah Nazar Baloch has gone beyond the borders of Pakistan,” he said. Because maybe at that time the situation was getting worse for him. Recently, a Baloch leader of the Ladi gang was also killed by the CTD on special orders.

Another thing that was important in the context of Afghan-Pakistani affairs was that the Pakistani government had made backdoor contacts with the Taliban to ensure that Pakistan was willing to pay taxes to the Taliban for peace and other issues in some border areas. But these are things that cannot be blindly believed whether such steps have been taken by Pakistan or not. This may be a personal analysis, but we cannot ignore the love of Pakistan falling from the Taliban.

Who was present at the time of intervention in the Afghan war and even today when it comes to the withdrawal of US troops, not only the people directly in Pakistan who support their thinking in Taliban flags and corpses, funerals in Quetta Peshawar Looks like
On the contrary, the statements of our government and ministers are playing a clear role in making the world clearly appreciate our style of love.

In exchange for dollars in Pakistan, Pakistani leaders not only handed over many Pakistanis to the United States but even the Afghan ambassador was abducted from Pakistan in 2008. Former President General Musharraf has clearly mentioned in his book that Aafia Siddiqui and several dozen others were sold for money.
For the last 15 days, Taliban representatives have been talking nonsense for hours on top talk shows of all major and minor TV channels in Pakistan. No national security has been threatened!

But in the same talk show or in the media, even during the parliamentary session, Mohsin Dawar, Ali Wazir, the representative of the democratic constitutional legal moral right of Pakistanis and the vote, is telling the channels to cut the parliamentary session and run the advertisement. Everyone who was against Taliban rule and democratic and constitutional rights, including Mohsin Dawar, Ali Wazir, Nawaz Sharif, and Manzoor Pashtun, was censored under special orders. It has been played on the platforms of the world for decades that we have given 70,000 lives.
Our soldiers and civilians have been martyred in the Afghan war. We can be pro-Taliban! The world has been made to believe that we are against the Taliban. We have fought alongside the United States against the Taliban, but the reality behind the scenes has become as clear as day.
The head of a nuclear country, standing in parliament, the country’s largest institution, the most prestigious place, says that Osama bin Laden was a martyr!

The interior minister of the same nuclear country says that the Taliban have changed and they are very intelligent people. The foreign minister of the same nuclear country says that the Taliban are very smart people in plain clothes! The question is why Pakistan has been fighting against these simple and sensible people for decades. If Pakistan considers them martyrs, what does it consider 70,000 soldiers and civilians killed by them?
Who will be responsible for the environment after the Taliban took over the Afghan territory? What will be the impact of the orders that the Taliban are already issuing on women on the borders with Pakistan? Will Pakistan negotiate with the Taliban for Afghan-Pak diplomacy instead of Ashraf Ghani?
A question that has been lingering in Pakistan for the last 13 years since civilian governments have been in power is why Pakistan’s foreign policy still seems to be occupied.

Pressures and actions in the name of national security are the legacies of politicians and civilians only inside Pakistan? What is the state’s own policy? Joining the Afghan war has been called a historic mistake by the country’s leaders by standing in parliament many times! The Taliban and the Afghan border have been blamed for the deteriorating situation in Pakistan! From Good Taliban and Bad Taliban to All Taliban R Bad ideology, But the facts today not only point to the same historical mistake but also point to more dangers.

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