NASA sees a strange phenomenon in the sky, the asteroid suddenly changed into a comet

 In the galaxy, some new activities happen every day. But some incidents also make scientists think. One such incident was recently seen in space. Where an asteroid suddenly turned into a comet. According to astronomers, this is due to a change in the behaviour of the asteroid. Intensive study is being done on this.

NASA finds bizarre asteroid NASA detects asteroids through its many telescope atlas (ATLAS). Through this, those asteroids which can hit the Earth. NASA tries to detect them and try to prevent the terrible situation from happening. During the same discovery, NASA found an Aisa Wichiwatra asteroid whose surface is a tail like a tail star instead of being hard rock. So far NASA has found 40 such asteroids.

This asteroid, named after the sight of gas and dust, has been named 2019LD. It was first seen on 10 June 2019. Atlas saw it again in July. Then a tail of dust and gas was seen behind it, but it went behind the sun instead of the earth, so scientists did not get a chance to study it. It is now seen again in 2020. This asteroid has a tail like a tail-like gas and dust that has been around for at least one year.

Such asteroids are called Trojans.
Such asteroids orbit the Sun in the same orbit that the planet is. They are either 60 degrees ahead of their planet or 60 degrees behind. These are called Trojan asteroids. Trojan asteroids may have large amounts of ice beneath their surface. A sudden change in the asteroid shows that snow, dust and gas suddenly came out of it.

Asteroids and comets are the
asteroids that rock the Sun between Mars and Jupiter in large numbers. Some asteroids also pass through the Earth. At the same time comets are made of ice, dust and gas and move forward leaving a long tail behind them.

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