National hero, humanity and COVID-19: Ahmad Bilal

Ahmad Bilal

This world has suffered a lot because of this global pandemic COVID19. Our country Pakistan is also one of the countries that have suffered a lot. It is still suffering a lot and because of this virus, everyone was told to stay at home to save lives.

When the Government of Pakistan announced the lockdown No one thought about those who didn’t even have food at home to eat. When everyone was celebrating Eid in the lockdown No-one thought about those who didn’t have anything to wear and eat because of lock down.No one thought about those attempting suicides because of hunger and lockdown leaving their hungry children and families behind.

In this crucial time period when all of us were sitting at our homes without any fear, it was the lower class that had to face death and destruction. During the lockdown there was a national hero who came out as a human being and showed us the true meaning of was none other than Shahid Khan Afridi who not only provided food and clothes to the poor but himself visited them providing them the basic necessities of life.

He didn’t even care about his own life. He could’ve helped them through someone else but he chose to help them out with his own hands. But our public instead of praising him started criticizing him. They started finding faults in his acts of kindness when they themselves were living in their comfortable homes. They started calling it a drama for the prime minister seat forgetting that if it was a drama he wouldn’t have been doing this for ages even before Imran Khan’s government. But no it is so easy to criticize but doing something for humanity is very difficult.

The national hero whose work for humanity was called a drama has now been tested positive for COVID-19 but still, people have so much to criticise instead of praying for him.We wish the national hero and a true human being a speedy recovery.

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