National MDCAT 2020 Result by PMC – NMDCAT Result

KARACHI: The result of the Medical and Dental College Admission Examination of Sunday (MDCAT 2020 result) will be declared in the next 10 days, It was told by a senior official of the Pakistan Medical Commission on Sunday.

PMC Vice-President Barrister Ali Raza said that on Sunday, more than 125.000 aspiring candidates were registered for the MDCAT 2020. “Only 138 students reported to the PMC that they were positive at COVID-19 and we will take their examination on 13 December,” he added. In the next 7 to 10 days, the PMC will finalize the MDCAT data, he said.

When asked about the problems, Raza said he was visiting several centers in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and other council members had also reviewed arrangements in several centers in the region, but found no concerns about steps taken by the authorities. “I asked students about implementing SOPs and syllabuses on the coronavirus and they were content with the steps,” he said.

Ali Raza said the PMC took immediate action in Peshawar on test paper results. The law enforcement officials were requested to arrest the suspects of the crime. “Even the PMC didn’t have the paper so we compared it to the one on the social media and found it fake after the test began.”

The PMC officer said that the committee was working on a structured information system to help them distribute information in real time.

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