Neglected Gland that protect women’s pregnancy

For the first time, a team of international experts from the University of British Columbia has described the importance of a gland, which we were aware of but ignored.

A report published in Nature states that a small gland called thymus controls a woman’s immune system and metabolism. In this way, the mystery of the presence of the child in the mother’s womb and its safety has been solved for years. The international research team is headed by Dr. Joseph Penninger. His team noted the release of a sex hormone from the thymus during pregnancy. The thymus gland is important in the immune system and secretes special cells called triglycerides, which also cause many functional changes in the mother’s body.

Scientists have also seen the role of RANK, a receptor involved in the thymus process, which plays a key role in this process. Rank’s role in pregnancy had not been revealed before. But experts experimented on rats for rank.
When the rank was removed from the thymus of rats, the production of triggers in them decreased during pregnancy and the pregnancies of rats began to decline. Here’s how thymus protects a mother’s pregnancy.

On the other hand, it was also found that the trigeminal cells secreted by the thymus protect women from developing diabetes during childbirth. Worldwide, 15% of women become diabetic at birth.

Expert research also found that a large number of rats with a lack of rank became diabetic. In that sense, the thymus is a friend to pregnant women and protects their babies and their health.

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