North Korea will build more nuclear weapons to counter US aggression

PYONGYANG: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has said the United States is our worst enemy and will build more nuclear weapons to counter its aggression.

According to the World News Agency, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, in a speech to a meeting of the ruling party, called the United States the biggest enemy and instructed his experts to develop as many nuclear weapons as possible.

“We need to be fully prepared to counter US aggression, so we will continue to develop nuclear weapons and increase our nuclear assets,” he said.

The North Korean leader also said that improving relations with the United States is possible only if the United States changes its aggressive policy and agrees to resolve issues through dialogue.

There have been two important and historic meetings between US President Trump and the North Korean ruler in recent years, when an agreement was reached but failed to materialize and these meetings proved fruitless.

It should be noted that this statement of the North Korean ruler came on the occasion of the inauguration of the newly elected government in the United States. Newly elected President Joe Biden Kim Jong Un has criticized his meetings with Trump as a dacoit.

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