The number of Coronavirus patients has increased to 531 in Pakistan

Lahore (Rana Ali Zohaib): The number of Coronavirus patients in Pakistan is increasing rapidly, till now the number of Coronavirus patients in Pakistan has increased to 531 while 15 quarantine centers and 208 hospitals are working across the country to cope with Corona and 1715 beds in this regard have been allocated. Yesterday Special Assistant to PM on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza reported 326 patients who increased to 447 last night, and today the number has increased to 531. So far, two people have been confirmed dead from the virus across the country, while five have recovered. In the last 24 hours, 117 new patients have appeared.

Sindh is at the forefront of Corona-infected people in Pakistan, where the highest number of patients has been reported in 245 cases. The number of Corona patients in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has 23, 78 in Punjab, 81 in Balochistan, 7 in Islamabad, 12 in Gilgit-Baltistan, while one patient is under treatment in Azad Kashmir. So far 14 cases have been reported in Lahore and 4 in Gujarat , however, 60 visitors from Iran are also affected, of which 55 are in DG Khan and five are in Multan. The former tribal area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kurram Agency has 5 so far, Dera Ismail Khan and Mardan have 3, 3 cases. Lower Dir, Malakand, Peshawar, and Haripur has a single patient. All the victims were kept in Dera Ismail Khan’s Isolation ward.

The district administration of all the provinces has decided to close all shopping malls, hotels, and Sunday bazaars. In addition, the administration has decided to close excise and taxation offices, NADRA offices, passports offices. It has been decided to appoint spokespersons in all government and private hospitals in the country immediately. All private hospitals will be responsible for the creation of Coronation Isolation Wards. Police personnel will be deployed in hospitals to control the situation. According to the SOP, Private property offices, beauty parlors, salons will also be closed. This restriction will initially apply for 15 days.

The Interior Ministry has issued new orders according to which, the personnel have been instructed to work from home and attendance of only the most important employees has been made necessary. Employees with fever and colds have been barred from coming to the office, while married women employees are also exempted from office attendance and have been instructed to work from home.
China has the highest number of cases worldwide, followed by Italy, Spain, Iran, Germany, the United States, France, South Korea, the UK, Switzerland, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Malaysia, Portugal. , Japan, Canada, Pakistan, India, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Rome, Bahrain, South Africa, and Kuwait have the highest number of cases.

The total number of coronary virus patients worldwide has reached 2,54,799 so far, of which 10,447 have died. 89,908 patients have recovered so far while 7,467 patients are undergoing severe cirrhosis. At present, the number of active cases is 154,444.
The Coronavirus has badly affected the transport sector in Pakistan, most of the international flights in Pakistan have been suspended, 45% of the national airline’s network has been shut down. Flight operations for China, Japan, the United States, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Italy, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are closed. 110 daily flights of PIA depart from various airports. Of these, 45 were domestic flights while the rest were overseas. But then the International Flight Operation has been suspended 50%. Pakistan Railway has decided to shut down 12 trains from March 22. Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed says 134 trains run daily in the country. Up to 20 more trains can be closed if needed. The pesticides are being sprayed on all trains as well. Sindh province of Pakistan has stopped public transport for traveling which is affecting thousands of people. Transport to other cities in the country is normal. Transporters say that if public transport stops all over the country, it could lead to severe crises.

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