Atheists can never be moral in an objective and fixed sense. They will always gravitate along the lines of moral relativism. They will do whatever they want if there is consent, no matter if the consent is for good things or bad things. Why cant they achieve Objective Morality? Because the source of Objective Morality and Order is God Almighty. We live in a universe where things are relative, speed, time, etc. But God, unlike us, is not bound by Time and Space. He created them and transcends them. He is the only Objective entity in this world and it’s his revealed injunctions that are timeless and eternal which enforce such a moral order, which if not followed, makes the man a slave of his desires and whims. God’s revealed order creates a framework of moral values that holds the society together. Nothing can match this objective moral framework , as noted by Will Durant in his book ” The Lessons of History”. Since atheism rejects the existence of God, they can never be objectively moral. To deny the existence of God is to rob yourself off the special status of “vicegerent” or “khalifa” that God has decreed upon you when He sent you to Earth.


The Quran is not a book of Science. According to Marmaduke Pickthall ( the author of probably the best English translation of Quran, rivaling that of Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s translation) , to find scientific treatises in Holy Books is futile. Because the Quran serves a much greater purpose than that. It is meant to tell a man how to live a life of purpose while continuously contemplating the intricacies of the Universe. The Quran serves to tell the man the philosophical and metaphysical answers of this life . Science is not a suitable candidate to teach man ethics, metaphysics, and other deep facts that a man needs to understand this life and be a better person. The scientific statements in the Quran tell the man to observe and wonder, to use his reason and intellect ( an underlying theme of the Quran) to appreciate that the material realm created with much perfection is definitely a product of a Supernatural Power, and that is Allah Almighty. Soren Kierkegaard’s concept of religious evolution gets applied here. First, the man is in the Aesthetic stage, where he looks at the universe and observes them ( mentioned in Quran) and concludes that there is an entity that has made them and all the natural laws, and in return , he appreciates that entity , which is God. He then enters the Ethical stage, where he knows God exists and is the sole Creator , and hence tries to be ethical and scrupulous to gain the mercy of Lord. Third stage is the Religious stage, where he after appreciating the existence of God and being ethical, starts to worship Him, believing that there is more to the material realm in which he lives and submits to the Will of God.
Such an evolution is definitely needed in these nihilistic days

Corruption of Character

Corruption means ‘The process by which a word or expression is changed from its original state to one regarded as erroneous or debased’. On the other hand, a character refers to ‘mental or moral qualities distinctive to an individual’.
We are so courageous to question our politicians about their assets, way of earning, their un-completed promises, we feel so easy to question someone’s performance or their behavior. But are we daring enough to question our character? our mode of conduct or our dignity? No, we are not. For us it’s necessary that every other person must be, I repeat must be perfect and we cannot tolerate others’ mistakes or even differences in opinion but we never pay heed to our duplicity, our fake attitude, or our double-faced phase. To make criticism is easy but to be criticized is not.
We are surrounded by an enormous number of fake persons. An enemy can never be so dangerous as the friend having a counterfeit personality. Our character is what describes us but having counterfeit in our character, accepting one’s choice the right one and not even listening to others points of view. being fake or hiding the real we from others or not being honest to others and yourself is what I call ‘Corruption of Character’. I don’t know if that’s the appropriate term or not but it gives words to my thoughts.
Corruption doesn’t matter if it’s of Systemic Corruption, Public sector Corruption, or the ‘Corruption of character’ it is equally fatal to society and morality of a person. Olusegun Obasanjo said and I quote: ‘Corruption, the greatest single bane of our society today’.
I ponder how these people muster up their courage to question someone on the same task that they are not able to perform. Doesn’t their conscience shake them up? If you yourself cannot do something, then how can you question someone else on the same situation! It’s same as Italy expecting from every single player participating in FIFA World cup 2018 to show excellence in-game and win the cup.
Therefore, we must try our best to flourish our character and should be able to ignore other mistakes and should be bold enough to accept other’s points of view as well. If your reputation and your self-esteem is your prime goal then you should take care of your character as Dwight L Moody said: ‘If I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of me’.

Life Doesn’t Stop for Anyone

Yesterday my relative lost his wife, she had four children one of them was just 15 days old and others were quite young as well. When she was alive she was the queen of her house, for her husband it was impossible to imagine life without her, for her children she was their oxygen without which they could have not survived. It seemed life was running just because of her and everyone was dependent upon her. But now as she is no more life is still running, her husband could not take a meal or two without her but now he is taking care of himself not because he is selfish but for his children. The thing is life never stops for a single person, its clock keeps ticking despite of every death or birth. Now as his children have lost their mother at an age where they don’t have ability to differentiate between the good or bad they are left with only one sincere person i.e. their father. So, it’s up to him to stand up for them, to muster up the courage to help his children pass this awful situation and he is the only one who can console them.
But the thing is what happens next, will her family members not be able to live life? Will they die along with her? No, that’s not the case, ultimately her family members will be busy again in their routines as Stephen Chbosky said: ‘Things change, and friends leave, life doesn’t stop for anyone’. Allah has decided part of every single human in this world, when you are done with it, it’s over for you and you have to leave this temporary world.
For me life is like a train and we people are the passengers heading to our destination. Your class (economy or business) describes your status in this world. Once you have arrived your destination you are thrown out of this train. But the thing is you are not fuel or engine of train, your presence or absence does not influence the schedule of train, train will leave and arrive on respective destination on time as ‘Life doesn’t stop for anyone’.

Man is Alien to himself

Human being is the most complex creature created by Allah (SWT). It is mentioned in Quran that: Indeed Allah has created the human in the best of forms. (Surah Teen, verse 4). Human is that much complex that even the man himself is not yet able to find everything about himself
On one hand all the medical professionals and scientists are still in search of knowing the most of the functions and mechanisms occurring in human body and on other hand man himself is un-able to clearly define his emotions. Scientists have been successful to find something but the most is yet to find. The human body is very complex that even such strong mechanisms are present that regulates the normal levels of a single small molecule like glucose and small genes are able to differentiate to form specific structures of body. Same is the case of emotions and feelings, a man can’t come out of the dilemma of being selfish at one end to gain everything for himself and on other end becoming completely selfless for their beloved to sacrifice everything they have.
Basically, man is not only alien to the structure and function of the body but is also alien to the feelings and emotions that cannot be justified in either ways.

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