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Recently I came across a column on a website in which a writer called himself a member of Generation X who was born in the ’70s and 1980s. And he proved with arguments that all the inventions and developments that have taken place and are taking place in the world at this time are in the hands of men and women born in this age. And the technology and machinery they inherited brought them tremendous innovation, as well as making it extremely affordable for the common man.

Look at the bulb, for example, where innovation has come from. Similarly, with agriculture, human and animal medicine, airplanes, aerospace industry, education, weapons of war, there is no sector of the world in which this generation has not participated.

But the fact is that all those things or their poor knowledge were inherited by this generation of ours which this generation took to the extreme heights of development.

Among these inherited assets is corruption, which we completely forget or perhaps consider it taboo to write on this subject.

We are pastors. We always call the past right and the present wrong. Exactly at the time when Pakistan came into being and people returned to their new home state after returning home, wealth, business, wife, children, land, and property, they had only one thing in mind and that was the country built in the name of religion, It will have a state system and Islamic law and they will live a religious, business or social life under their freedom. But the young people of that time and the members of the more experienced generation came together to run an economic cycle that opened the door to corruption for decades to come.

An inwardness of corruption has been ingrained in our veins which has become so strong over time that it is unthinkable to live without it in the land of Pakistan.

As far as Claims were concerned, at the time of the distribution of the abandoned property left in Pakistan, our elders committed such corruption that there is hardly an example of it. They created such a fist to satisfy their greed. Which caused corruption in all future generations. The writers of that time tried their best to eradicate this evil with words, but instead of diminishing it, it increased day by day.

بقول شاعر :

مرض بڑھتا گیا جوں جوں دوا کی

In this regard, there is a novel by Banu Qudsia called “Raja Gadh”. If my readers have read this novel, they will surely agree that when a person eats haraam food, its effect lasts for generations. He is mentally ill and engages in criminal activities. It causes innumerable evils in society, the most notable of which is immorality and disobedience to parents. So they go beyond the distinction between halal and haraam and ruin the future for themselves as well as their children, but still say with great pride,

ہذا من فضل ربی

When corruption enters a society, it does not increase by accumulation itself, but by the principle of the chain reaction of the atomic bomb, such as 1-2-4-8-16-32. At the moment, there is a lot of talk of corruption in Pakistan, but now a day, it has become a political slogan. Speaking of the third, it turns out that all the political parties have committed corruption according to their height and all of them are naked together in this bathroom. It could have been better if it had been up to the political parties, but the military forces and bureaucrats are also involved in the sin of degradation. Always keep in mind that Allah is the one who remembers the judiciary.

If you look at any government or semi-government institution, you will realize that everyone from a cleaner to a senior officer is painted in the same color. Jobs are obtained by paying bribes and when a seat is obtained by paying money, the money will inevitably be paid and then a profit has to be made whether it is obtained through bribery or some other illegal means.

We, the people of Pakistan, speak out against corruption and other social evils, and we look at the faults and shortcomings of others as if we were our victims of punishment, but in practice, we are united against this monster. They can’t move even an inch and in the end, all the anger and debris is poured on the rulers and they become silent. But we forget that 

” Like the people, like the rulers

 Have we ever thought that we are the ones who rush to bribe government employees to save our time and sit in drawing rooms abusing bribe-takers and completely forget that both the giver and the receiver are hellish?

Have we ever wondered if it is not corruption when we turn back or stop the electricity meter?

Isn’t it corruption when we increase the amount of milk by mixing it with water or other chemicals?

Why do we pay the police when we drive without papers?

Isn’t it corruption when we download music movie software illegally?

Isn’t it corruption when we mix food and drink?

These small examples prove how morally degraded we are and do not consider petty theft to be corruption. 

While our elders always taunt our generation that you people turn to haraam Easy money instead of a halal sustenance, at least they should be aware that this disorder is like an epidemic. It did not come to us, but it is like a genetic disease caused by a genetic defect in our bodies and passed down from generation to generation, and if the generation born in the 1980s did not cure it, How many generations to come will be swept away in this storm?

If we pledge with ourselves that they will stop the smallest corruption to the extent of their caste, then the day is not far when, insha’Allah, this dear country can be largely eradicated from this disease which our elders Left in our veins. And when we are in the age of grandparents, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren can proudly say that our elders gave us a corruption-free society.

Hassam Durrani

Columnist, Analyst, Raabta.Net, Raabta,net/urdu, Daily Frontier Post, Daily Leader, Mera Sehar Lahore, President PFUC (Punjab Wing), YouTuber. Content Writer/ Producer Current Affair Programs at Channel 5, Daily Khabrain Group. News Associate Producer at 7 News (The Aspire Group)

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