Pakistan Army ranks among the ten most powerful forces in the world

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army has joined the top ten in the global rankings of forces in terms of capability and performance.

According to the details, the ranking of the world’s most powerful forces has been released in 2021, according to which the Pakistan Army is one of the most powerful top ten forces in the world. Earlier, the Pakistan Army’s ranking was fifteen.

Ranking is based on more than fifty factors. These factors range from military size to the country’s financial position, geographical position and so on. Among the militaryly powerful countries, the United States is first, Russia is second, China is third, India is still fourth and Japan is fifth.
Apart from Pakistan, there has been no improvement in the ranking of the world’s top 15 military powers. In recent years, only Pakistan’s military strength has increased significantly.

According to the details provided in the rankings related to various sectors, the army manpower in Pakistan is 654,000 and in this regard, Pakistan ranks sixth in the world. While the number of people reaching the age of enlistment in the army in the country every year is said to be 43 lakh 27 thousand 620 and Pakistan is ranked fourth in the world.

According to the details released for the rankings, Pakistan Army is among the top ten countries in the world in terms of capabilities and performance, despite lagging behind many other countries in terms of financial resources.

It should be noted that in recent years, only Pakistan’s military strength has increased significantly. Pakistan left behind Iran, Indonesia, Israel and Canada. In the ranking, Turkey, Italy, Egypt, Iran, Germany, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Australia, Israel and Canada are behind Pakistan. In the year 2021, Egypt, Germany, Israel, North Korea, South Africa, Myanmar, Colombia, Romania, Mexico, Peru, Denmark, Iraq, Syria, Angola, Bulgaria have dropped in the list of the most powerful countries in the world.

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