Pakistan is among the top 20 countries to beat Corona

Pakistan ranks 19th out of more than 210 countries in the world in terms of low mortality rate and a large number of people recovering from the corona virus.

On the one hand, the number of people infected with the novel Corona virus (Kwid 2019) worldwide has reached nearly six million and more than three and a half million people have died at the hands of this epidemic, on the other hand, twenty-five corona virus More than a million victims have recovered from the disease, which is a welcome development.

Pakistan is also among the top 20 countries that are massively defeating this global epidemic.
According to the details, with 2,076 new cases in the last 24 hours, the total number of people infected with Corona virus in Pakistan has reached 61,226. However, this is only 12% of the 508,086 corona tests performed in Pakistan so far.

Of the people infected with the corona virus in Pakistan, 20,231 have fully recovered, which means that the rate of coronavirus defeat in the beloved country is 33%, which is encouraging.

In terms of population, the rate of Pakistanis infected with the corona virus is 0.0278% (278 per million), much lower than the global average (745 per million). In terms of the total population of Pakistan, the death toll from the corona virus is 0.0006% (only 6 out of 1 million). This is also much lower than the world average (45.9 per million).

Based on all these points, Pakistan is among the 20 countries that are succeeding very effectively against the coronavirus.

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