Pakistani Universities make Improvements in the Times Higher Education Rankings

Pakistan has emerged as the world’s fastest improving nation on criteria of teaching, learning, research, and other academic facilities, according to Times Higher Education’s annual publishing of university rankings.

The performance improvement has been the quickest in the world on the Research Citations and Teaching ratings, according to the London-based higher education ranking magazine.

According to the newspaper, the gains were made under the watchful eye of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) administration during the last 36 months.

According to the Times, these findings were derived from an examination of 108 million citations and 430,000 data points from participating universities throughout the world.

The journal praised the government for its laser-like concentration and placed 21 Pakistani higher education institutes among the world’s best universities.

“Pakistan is represented on the list by 21 universities, which is a significant achievement for a developing country like Pakistan. According to Times Higher Education, “the average score change for 2021-22 is even better than that of India.”

5 Paksitani Universities among top 800 list

According to the New York Times, five Pakistani universities reached the top 800 list this year. In addition, Pakistan was named one of the top five countries in the world for advancements in international view and industrial ties.

Since 2016, the London-based publication has tracked considerable improvement in the areas of publications, teaching reputation, international co-authorship, research, and other metrics.

According to Times Higher Education, this development has catapulted numerous colleges to the top of academic rankings.

PM Imran Khan’s Goal for Universities Rankings

“In accordance with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s goal, a Pakistani university (University of Agriculture Faisalabad) has been rated 24th in the world for Climate Action for the first time. Similarly, according to the Times, NUST is the 67th most important university focusing on affordable and clean energy.

The article said, “The results achieved are the consequence of continuous institutional reforms and incentives established by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), under the competent leadership of the Prime Minister and Shafqat Mahmood, who serves as the Education Minister.”

“The last three years have witnessed the largest upward trend of Pakistani institutions in worldwide rankings,” Mahmood remarked in response to the results. We still have a long way to go, but we’re headed in the right direction and moving at a decent pace.”

The education minister credited the PTI government’s attention on education since taking power in 2018 as well as the “universities that have made us proud.”

In addition to improvements in all important indices of higher education, the Times has included 36 universities from Pakistan in its “The Impact Rankings” for the first time this year.

The Times said that Pakistani institutions were ascending the ladder more quicker than predicted, particularly in the last three years, in its overall rankings for 2022.

According to the famous worldwide rating, the United Kingdom has 101 higher education institutions and China has 97 among the top 1,600 universities. Pakistan now boasts seven universities in the top-800, up from two, 11 in the top-1,000, and 21 in the top 1,600, according to the report.

According to the New York Times, substantial progress was made in Business and Economics, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences.

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