If there is any truth in Noorani’s story, then Parliament and institutions should take action on it. The Army is an organized body. Even before this, in the NLC corruption case, in 2012, the Pakistan Army had set a good example of self-determination. If this story is also fake, then the Pakistan Army should not let Noorani and Fact Focus sleep, then it should investigate it with self-disclosure so that those who go beyond the joke in this guise go beyond criticism and ridicule and target Pakistan.

Ahmed Noorani

How can they stop talking? We appreciate the story and effort of a journalist and if it is true then the journalist community should stand with Ahmad Noorani unconditionally by breaking the restrictions of the channels and if it is proved wrong then the media should also be held accountable. Under Noorani, action should be taken as well as legal procedure, but in this whole situation, the most important responsibility belongs to the government and government agencies, to the parliamentary committees, and above all to the army chief.

It is not so simple that the Twitter trend goes on and on for a couple of days. In this guide, along with positive criticism, anti-national elements are also active who need to respond verbally. But ridicule is not allowed at all in relation to national security institutions, so if the government, including the institutions, does not take immediate action on all these issues, segregation and factionalism are sounding alarm bells for the country.

بہترین کتب اور معیاری قیمت کے لئے ننک پر کلک کیجئے

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