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Passive income generation ideas for you in 2021

There should be an enough passive income to cover your living expenses at the highest degree of financial freedom. You can spend your days in passive income generation to make you happy if you understand this point.

The passive income is the secret to financial independence, and the anyone who can produce passive income can control others immensely and become wealthy. There are several spams articles and videos on the internet, which are promising an easy to generate passive income methods.

The brutal reality about passive income is here.

It takes years, if not decades, to build adequate passive income for your living expenses. Anyone who is promising to show you how to produce passive income quickly either wants to sell you something or does not know about it.

I describe in this article the only way to generate passive income, why it takes so long, and how passive income can be applied instantly and have the wonderful results.

Sources of Passive Income Generation

When someone wants to sell you a “passive income generation method,” note an essential fact. The only real source of passive income is income from investment.

I’m talking about real estate agents, stock dividends, and bond interest. If you have passive income, ask if you wish to move these assets to your name.
Many people simply consider passive income “scalable income,” which is another way to say company income. You can gain no limits, but a dime is not guaranteed. It doesn’t.

I have covered here in great detail the difference between passive earnings and scalable earnings. The key thing we exclude is that it’s amazing scalable profits, but it’s the most distant thing from “passive.”

The holy grail of personal finance: passive income > livelihood costs

The value of passive income has already been touched upon. You have officially “freedom for you” money once you’ve had plenty of it.

With the money “freedom for you” mean you’ve got control. The freedom to do something without thinking about how the bills will be paid.

But the crappy segment is here. It takes years to produce ample passive income to earn freedom, and perhaps decades if we’re practical.

Why Passive Income Generation is too slow?

The best way to show why building freedom for you money takes so long is with a simple example.

Let’s take the next:

  • You’re thirty.
  • After-tax, you earn $50,000 a year.
  • Your average cost of living is 40,000 dollars.
  • That allows you to invest in assets that produce around 3,5 percent of passive income with $10,000 per year.

You would need $1,143,000 invested to offset your whole $40,000 annual living costs absolutely with passive income. It will take 38 years to make such a big amount if you save $10,000 annually.

You will have enough passive income to cover your living expenses at the age of 68 by saving 20% of your revenues, beginning at age 30. It is called a retirement plan. What I am explaining has a name.

Yes, they’ll be at retirement age for most people who work for 9–5 before they have true “freedom for you” income.

Now that I depressed you thoroughly, let’s speak of the good news.

How will the effect of passive income recreate without 38 years of waiting

Recall the sacred equation of personal finance: passive income > expenses of living.

The equation consists of two elements

  • Your passive income level.
  • The sum you spend on your living.

We spend too much time worrying about the first section of this equation and about the second section we have not almost enough time.

This time it ought to excite you, I’ve got another reality for you.

Reducing your living expenditure changes your finances as your passive income rises.

Currently, it is easier to cut your living costs than to increase your passive income for a variety of reasons.

  • It affects your monthly cash flow exactly at the same rate. Spending 500 dollars less is the same as having 500 dollars more.
  • It’s more effective in taxes. The reduction of $500 in monthly expenditures is equal to $715 in monthly passive income at a marginal 30 percent tax rate.
  • This improvement in cash flow can be accomplished immediately.

How you reduce the costs reduces F-You capital

Let’s go back to our situation, where $50,000 is transparent and $40,000 invested per year. We found that it took 38 years for money to produce adequate passive income.
What if you were reduced from $40,000 to $30,000 in annual spending?
Since you only need $30,000 to cover passive income for your annual living expenses, $857.000 instead of $1,143,000 is required.

With 20,000 dollars a year now you will only need 23 years to produce ample passive income to cover your livelihoods. It has been 15 years since the process began.

Two wide takings are here:

  • The lower your annual living costs, the lower your passive profits.
  • You can redirect each dollar of living expenses to saving more, allowing you to make money F-you faster.

How do I accelerate things?

When you have lowered your living expenses to the lowest amount you are comfortable with, you can take another measure if you want to speed up your timeline to F-You.

Increase your salary to do something you enjoy while keeping your living costs current.

If you can find a way to make money from what you enjoy, your money and financial independence time schedule can be closer than you have ever expected.

Let’s go back for a last time and show how your living expenses can be decreased from 40,000 dollars per year to 30 000 dollars a year, when you are passionate about adding 10000 dollars a year.

  • Our target remained the same; save $857,000 in annual passive income and provide $30,000.
  • You also raised your savings annually to $30,000 by adding $10,000 of your turbulent earnings.
  • In this case, in about 18 years, you will have capital, which will rash off your time schedule for an additional 5 years.

The ultimate phase of the independence of finance

Bear one more moment with me because I have to make one more argument.
If you can make 10 thousand dollars a year in this situation to do what you enjoy honestly, you don’t have to pay the whole 30,000 dollars of passive income living expenses. You only have $20,000 to pay for passive profits.

You just need $571,000 in savings. This will mean that, even though you start at scratch, you can achieve financial stability in just over 13 years.
The more money you will raise, the less passive income you need to make
Don’t obsess about passive earnings

The emphasis on passive income is at a disadvantage. You shouldn’t hope that you will have enough passive income in a few short years to leave the job.

For an ordinary 9-5 employee, it will probably take until he has a retirement age before he has money from F-You.

However, it is possible to take action steps to speed this timetable and achieve financial freedom as young as possible.

  • You are fine with lowering the costs to the lowest level.
  • Increase your profits, maybe by side chaos.
  • Look for a career, a business, or a side rush you love. You’ll need a dollar less of passive income for every dollar of money you’ve got to do anything you want.

Financial independence is a long and careful operation, not a quickly-getting rich scheme. It won’t be easy, but you’ve got everything you need.

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Naeem Ur Rehman

Pakistan's youngest blogger and the CEO of Raabta.net. He is currently the student of BS Environmental Sciences at University of the Punjab, Lahore. He is also working as a senior advisor to Aagahi.pk, Mukaalma, and Pylon TV.
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