PM appeals to all provinces to open public transport

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the lockdown will not eradicate the coronavirus and I request all the provinces to open public transport.

Talking on state TV about the situation in Corona, PM Imran Khan said that the decision to open the lockdown was a concern of the medical staff that would put pressure on the hospitals. The government is fully aware of the concerns of the medical staff.
Imran Khan said that if someone assured that 2 or 3 months of lockdown will eradicate the corona virus, we would do so, but the lockdown will not eradicate the corona virus and no vaccine is likely to come for a year, lock Cases will increase again whenever you open the download, now you have to deal with this virus, you can’t afford continuous lockdown.
The Prime Minister said that 150 million people in the country are affected by the lockdown. The medical community should tell them what to do with them. We have done things that even developed countries could not do, including the Ehsas program, but for how long, the people. There is a risk of starvation more than corona if not employed, I think 10 times a day how white people are living, other countries are saving their people from corona, we are not starving our people. Saving, we have to open the lockdown.

Imran Khan said that due to Corona, there are other diseases in the country including polio and child vaccination which are being neglected. But there were less than the estimated 35,700 cases and 770 deaths. He said that the owners of the businesses that will open will have to abide by the SOPs, the places where the cases increase will be closed, the manufacturers and shopkeepers will have to abide by the SOPs and take responsibility.

The Prime Minister said that we decide by consensus of all the provinces and we do not take any decision in which not a single province agrees, so the decision to open public transport could not be taken, because one or two provinces would be affected by it. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. Public transport is open, because shutting down transport is hurting the poor, the US and Europe where 800 people are dying in one day, why don’t we close it? Yes, I would like to request again to open public transport.

Imran Khan further said that the construction industry has been given incentives to provide employment to the workers, the Prime Minister has allocated the relief fund for the unemployed, the money will start coming from Monday.

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