PMC Admission Regulations For 2020-21 Medical And Dental Colleges Admission – MDCAT 2020

The National MDCAT 2020 session was successfully held by the Pakistan Medical Commission and PMC and the National MDCAT results were also released successfully. Now PMC starts enrollment for successful and passed candidates and has released absolute updated admission requirements for the 2020-2021 admission session of medical and dental colleges. The PMC Admission Regulations extend to all medical establishments in the private and public sectors in Pakistan.

This article provides specifics of general admission requirements in medical and dental institutions in Pakistan, detailed regulations on admissions to private as well as public sector institutes and at the end of the day the university schedule for medical research 2020-21 has also been given for students.

Criteria for general admission

Applicants must obtain the diploma of higher secondary school, HSSC or other similar scheme. At least 65% of marks must be secured in HSSC and at least 03 compulsory subjects must be covered, including biology, chemistry and physics/mathematics. A SAT II examination shall be passed to foreign citizens or applicants who have finished the HSSC programme outside Pakistan. The below are the passing marks for the SAT II test:
Biological: 40%
Chemistry: 35%.
Physics/Mathematics: 25%
However it is claimed by the Authority that the SAT I exam was not uniformly administered owing to the Covid-19. For all students who finished the HSSC curriculum from the institute where the medium or language of instruction is English, the English topic is omitted.
In addition to HSSC/FSC or any other similar scheme, at least 60% mark in PMC national MDCAT must be obtained in order to apply for admission to Medical or Dental Colleges in Pakistan.

Formula for Admission Aggregation

The 50 percent weight for both private and public medical and dental schools in Pakistan is determined from the obtained marks of the PMC-National MDCAT. The remaining weighting is however, calculated from the obtained marks of the FSC/HSSC or the similar programme.

Schedule of Medical Academic Sessions
The Regulator, the PMC, says that the admission session of medical and dental public sector colleges will be concluded on or before 31 December 2020. However, the Authority further notes that enrollment must be concluded for both public and private medical colleges on or before 15 February 2021. The new session classes will launch in January 2021 at the latest. However, after the winter break, classes in Baluchistan will begin later than January 2021.

Students can contact us openly about all other admission regulations and admission criteria and PMC Admission Regulations. However they should contact PMC directly for more inquiries, in order to remove all the ambiguities for admission to any private or public health and dental school in Pakistan. All PMC national MDCAT students are given the best wishes for their safe medical careers in higher education.

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