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3 grace marks will be awarded to each aspirant of mdcat, according to the latest updates. In the PMC MDCAT result 2020, certain grace marks would be included. The date of the result is 16 December 2020. Check the result by clicking below.

The 2nd PMC date for the MDCAT test was 13 December. The NTS will evaluate 113 candidates who have not participated in the National MDCAT Test on 29 November. NTS can report the result of PMC MDCAT, and the result can be reviewed on PMRC.ORG.PK via name as well as roll number. Keep on visiting for the new PMC Result 2020 alerts.

The NMDCAT 2020 LATEST UPDATE results will be released on 16 December 2020.- The admission portal for all private colleges (except NUMS and AKU) to apply for admission will be available on 17 December 2020. On 15 January 2021, Merit Lists will be released.

Please notice that Justice Ayesha instructed Lawyer PMC to address this problem and even if the results of these contentious mcqs is to be counted, students are welcome to submit a case of Contempt of Court and they would be in support of a ruling.

I realise we can’t believe PMC, but this has placed great pressure on PMC! Morever We submitted LHC’s thorough verdict to Mohammad Jibran Nasir and according to him this would benefit us in case of SHC and he is also detected. If the consequence is unjust or these are counted out of the Mcqs syllabus, we will again go to court for contempt.

Effect it is up to PMC that whether or not they disclose the results tomorrow but be confident that the announcement of the result would put SHC case to our benefit so PMC will not be able to offer false expectations of Mcqs deletion until Hon’Court after the announcement of the result. We agree that before #justice is done, you can stay and fight till the last.

The Mdcat syllabus was common nationally, only 3 mcqs responses were the same, which was resolved and 3 grace marks would be issued. “You can check your result at 9.00 am on 16 December”~ VP PMC Ali Raza

This Artice publishes PMC National MDCAT Findings in real time. Continue visiting. Through posting on this article, the MDCAT Aspirant may articulate its thinking. Any query may also be raised. We’ll be supporting you.

Share your Macs in the comments box after testing your PMC Result. We’re going to recommend the right area for you. Our job coach would be free to help you. Luck at its peak.

NTS PMC MDCAT Result 2020

The court ordered the PMC to jointly declare the results of both national MDCATs. The latest result date for mdcat is 15 December. In addition, the merit list will be released on the same date for all aspirants. After the national merit list, the numerical merit list will also be released. Each clause can reveal its own merit list. A merit list will be released by the admissions university of the province.

PMC Result 2020

The MDCAT exam includes approximately 126,000 students in 200 centres around the nation. Bt PMC and NTS operated the research centres. Many aspirants say that the exam issue was outside of the syllabus during the test. But PMC Vice President Ali Raza said that the syllabus did not answer any concerns.

He informs the aspirants that we would delete the issue if our examination committee finds any problems from the syllabus. Both candidates around the board will be given Grace points. In the PMC MDCAT result 2020, which will be declared on 16 December 2020, grace marks will be added.

Any candidates state that as promised by the PMC, there were no objections. The PMC has several objections. On Twitter patterns, several aspirants were talking about the paper’s leakage. As a consequence of the declaration of nmdcat and special mdcat, the aspirants will validate their result by inserting their name and roll number.

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