PMC NATIONAL ADMISSIONS SYSTEM Guide For Private Medical & Dental Colleges in Pakistan

PMC has announced NATIONAL ADMISSIONS SYSTEM for the admission in Private Medical & Dental Colleges in Pakistan. In this article we will cover the complete details to guide you how to apply for Private medical and dental colleges admission.

PMC Admissions User Manual

Admission Rule/Policy

The admission app allows the user to apply to different private medical institutes for MBBS and BDS. To access the application visit:

Applicants will perform the following steps to complete application submission. Their details are covered in the following sections:

  1. Signup/Sign in
  2. Local/ Foreign Applicant
  3. My Profile
  4. My Application
  5. Application Fee
  6. Application Processing

1.  Sign up/Sign in

Click on the signup button, at top right corner of the login page to sign up as a new user.

Figure 1: 1) Sign up Button on Login Page

Click the signup button and enter your details to sign up. For Pakistani Users CNIC, B-FORM or NICOP Number can be used. The Entered Email will receive the verification Code. Click Next to proceed on the next step.

Figure 1: 2) Sign up Page

Signup using Mobile Number (For Pakistani Applicants only):

For Pakistani applicants, Signup can also be done using a mobile phone number or Email Address. Mobile Number entered in this case will receive the verification Code. Click Next to proceed on the next step.

Figure 1: 3) Sign up with Phone Number

For Foreign applicants, Signup can be done using Passport Number. Verification code can only be received through email in this case. Click Next to proceed on the next step.

Figure 1: 4) Sign up for Foreign Applicant

A pin code will be received on your Email/mobile number within 3-5 minutes. If no code is received, the “resend code” option can be clicked and a new code will be sent to the applicant.

Sign in the application using your credentials after you have created your account. Enter username and password and click login to proceed.

Figure 1: 5) Sign in page

2.  Local/Foreign Applicant

As you sign in, you will have to choose, either the local applicant option or foreign applicant option. After which you will choose your test type and click the “start” button.

  • Select the “local applicant” option if you have done your F-Sc/HSSC/A-level from Pakistan
    • Select the “Foreign applicant” option if you are a foreign National and have completed your 12 year high school education/HSSC from outside Pakistan
    • Select the “Dual nationality” option if you are a dual national and have completed your 12 year high school education/HSSC from outside Pakistan

Figure 2: 1) Local Applicant

On foreign applicant options there are two types of applications. First for Foreign National and Second for dual national. In both cases you can choose either MDCAT or SAT-II.

3.  My Profile

My Profile Section Contains: Personal Information, Father/Guardian details, Education details, Test Details (MDCAT or SAT II) and Attachments. After filling out your details. Click on the “save Button” on the top right corner to save your record. If marks are within the eligibility criteria, you will be able to proceed further to the “My Application” option.

3.1  Personal

Fill out details required. Note that if your address is not based in Pakistan, please choose the “other” option under province/state. On pressing “other” a new text field will appear where you will manually enter city/state. If this does not apply to you, write “NA” in the text field.

3.2  Education

Education records can be entered based on the HSSC/FSC from any board or A-levels marks as per the IBCC equivalency certificate. For more information regarding the eligibility criteria refer to the FAQ’s.

  • Test (MDCAT/SAT-II)

Figure 3.1: Education Section

3.3.1  MDCAT

MDCAT results are automatically fetched by the portal based on the Roll Number entered. Given that the Roll Number is valid against the given CNIC/PASSPORT/B-FORM/NICOP number.

Figure 3.2: Test Section based on MDCAT

  • SAT-II

SAT-II Result can be entered manually. Email address used for SAT-II is mandatory and obtained marks for following SAT-II components are to be entered.

  • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics/Math

Figure 3.3: Test Section based on SAT

3.4  Attachments

Scanned copies of original documents are to be uploaded as per requirements by PMC. To verify the uploaded document, it can be viewed by downloading it. In the case that a wrong document was uploaded, re-uploading the document will replace the previous one.

After the attachments are uploaded. Click on the Save Button on the top right corner to save the information and proceed to the next step of the process.

Figure 3.4: Attachments

4.  My Application

My Application Section is the requested application made by the applicant to the PMC, for admission. Top Left of the page displays the applicant number.

Applicant will save the application, once all the requirements are completed the submit button will be

enabled. Application can be reviewed using the PREVIEW button after saving as well.

Figure 4.1: My Application

4.1  Program & College Section

Click on the “+ Select Colleges” button to view the list of colleges.

At least one college is to be selected from the list. The buttons on the right will allow you to segment the list of colleges based on provinces. Press the “done” button on the top right to proceed.

Figure 4.2: Program and College Selection

To remove any college selection please click on the   Button in front of College name.

4.2  Undertaking

Undertaking is Compulsory to be marked. Read carefully and mark the undertaking. Then Save the Application then Submit to proceed to the Application Fee Section. Once you submit the Application it cannot be edited.

Figure 4.3: Undertaking

5.  Application Fee

After submitting My Application, the applicant is required to pay the application fee. Print the fee bill by clicking the button ‘Print Bill’ and it can be submitted to any MCB branch.

Figure 5.1: Application Fee: Print Bill

The user needs to follow these instructions:

  • Download Fee Bill
    • Deposit Fee in MCB Bank Branch
    • Upload Application Fee Receipt

Once the Fee is paid and uploaded to the system, it will then require the verification through the Bank.

Figure 5.2: On submission of receipt waiting for bank payment

6.  Application Processing

Once the bank verifies the payment, “Application Processing” tab will be enabled. Your application is now in process. If there is any issue, PMC will reach out to you via Email or SMS.

Figure 5.3: Application Processing: Post Verification of Payment.

Credit goes to: Almus Net and PMC

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