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Possibility of burning a shark’s skin from marine acid

Climate change or climate change is affecting the most vulnerable animals, and now the news is that increased acidity in the oceans (SDF) can cause sharks’ skin burns and their skin can be severely affected.

Experts believe that microscopic carvings or denticles on shark’s skin help these animals to swim, and if acidity increases in water, it may also affect the shark’s ability to swim.

In South Africa, agriculture and fisheries expert Lewis and Svald say that as carbon dioxide rises in the atmosphere, it is absorbed into the depths of the ocean and, in turn, increases acidity in the oceans. Now the catastrophic effects of this acidity are eroding in the wake of coral reefs and coral reefs.

To find out the effects of carbon dioxide on the sea and the sharks, Lewis and his colleagues conducted experiments on about 80 puffer sharks. This shark lives in deep water and was thrown into a pond. Although these fish had already adapted to tolerate acidic water.

The acidity in the experimental water was so high that even some marine animals could not live in it. Due to excess carbon dioxide, oxygen was not reaching their body. In this situation, puffer shark increased the alkali in his blood so that he could no longer get sick.

Scientists put the shark in a tank that had a pH or acidity of 8, which is now common in the global oceans. Nine weeks later, it was found that the shark increased the blood alcohol, but after that, a strange appearance was noted, ie, a thin eruption on their skin began to affect.

Similarly, sharks’ teeth are made of the same substance from which denticles are formed, and it is feared that sea acid will affect or even affect shark’s teeth. Experts say sharks on sharks’ skin help it swim. There is also a type of shark, the white shark, which accounts for 12% of the swim. Denticles contribute up to 12% to the speed of this shark.

If these sharks of shark’s skin disappear, they have an impact on speed and they will lose the prey. It should be noted that even now the sharks suffer from survival problems.

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