Post Exam Analysis MDCAT 2020 by PMC

The PMC MDCAT Exam 2020 was held across Pakistan, AJ&K and Gilgit Baltistan on 29th November 2020, with a second special exam held on 13th December 2020 for students who could not take the exam earlier due to being Coivd-19 positive. The MDCAT Exam consisted of 200 multiple choice questions. The passing marks for the MDCAT Exam were 60%.

A Post Exam Analysis including a Reliability item Analysis in line with international standards and best practices was carried out of the PMC MDCAT Exam. The analysis included a discrimination index and item wise analysis of all 200 questions on the basis of answers given and the topic syllabus as approved by the Academic Board. Questions found to be ambiguous on analysis of the answers by students and the formation of the question itself or which were below the cut off benchmark of the discrimination index were assessed and equal benefit granted to all students ensuring no student is adversely affected.

National MDCAT RESULT 2020

From the MDCAT Exam held on 29th November 2020 a total of fourteen questions with seven in biology, six in physics and one in chemistry were post analysis taken out of the scoring and all students have received maximum marks for these questions. From the MDCAT Exam held on 13th December 2020 a total of seven questions were similarly taken out of the scoring and all students have received maximum marks for these questions. It is clarified that the questions taken out are not removed on the basis of being out of the syllabus but rather based on the examination standards of ambiguity and discrimination.

The ambiguity is caused in part due to different text books being employed in different parts of Pakistan which may not be fully compliant with the relevant Board Curriculum or otherwise by the formation of the question itself. Post analysis the exam achieved a 0.96 on the Cronbach’s alpha (on a range from 0 to I with I being maximum) which is a standard to determine the measure of internal consistency and scale reliability of an exam. Hence the exam is determined to be extremely reliable and consistent with its structure and objectives.

121630 students attempted the MDCAT Exam. A total of 67937 students qualified the MDCAT Exam obtaining more than 60% marks. The complete result is available on the PMC Website and students may also search their result using their roll number.

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