President Arif Alvi, wearing a hat and a mask, arrived to collect the Juice mixed cream. No one could recognize him

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani President Arif Alvi arrived at a local sweet shop in Islamabad wearing a hat and a mask to collect juice mixed cream while the President waited in line for half an hour to observe social distance and wait for his turn.

On social networking site Twitter, Arif Alvi’s son Awab Alvi said that his father had arrived on Friday without any protocol to collect the juice, where he was considered a normal citizen and people around him could not recognize him.

Later, the local sweet shop shared CCTV footage on its social media account in which it can be seen that Dr Arif Alvi, hiding his face in a mask, enters the shop for juice mixed cream and gets in line. They then place orders when it is their turn and go back and stand at a distance so that the salesmen can deal with the rest of the customers and then return with their luggage.

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