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Prisma App Review by Raabta

Do you also want to convert any photo into a painting? There are many apps and Photoshop filters in the market that fulfill your desire. But most of these products have very few filter options. The picture found after applying the filter also does not look very beautiful. Now a new app has arrived Prisma. This has taken the entire game to another level. Its interface is very easy to use.

Many fake apps by the name of Prisma App are also present in Google Play and iOS App Store. You have to download an app made by Prisma Labs .

This app is very simple. Reminds me of Instagram at first glance. Its interface is the easiest thing to understand. All you have to do is take a picture and use the filter of your choice. If you want, share it on Twitter or Facebook. Its interface impressed us the most. Even though this app does not have much customization options for you, but we managed to get some great output quickly and easily.

When you start the Prisma app, it asks for access to your camera and photos folder. You do not need to give access to the camera, as you can also edit the pictures stored in the gallery. But there is no doubt that taking pictures with the camera and editing them directly saves time.

The interface is very simple. The top half has a viewfinder that shows what you are photographing. On the right side there will be a small thumbnail at the bottom which will take you to the stored photo. If you want, you can edit the stored image. As soon as you select the photo to edit, you will also get the suggestion of a filter along with the option to crop.

It has many types of filters. All are based on reputed paintings. After applying the filter, you can swipe through the photos. You can reduce the effect of the filter by swiping to the left and swiping it to 100 percent. After this you will get the option to store the photo or share it on the social network site.  


According to Prisma’s website, the app gives a different touch to photos using neural networks and artificial intelligence. It is not clear what this app does and how it differs from other such Photoshop filters? But Prisma works well on most occasions.

For example, the Mondrian filter worked better than we expected. It managed to give a great look to the photographs of the architecture. Some filters are much better than others. You will want to choose a filter where the artwork works to enhance the beauty of your photo. And you will also want to be careful and choose colors. For example, the mononoc filter completely disappeared the color of most photographs, meaning it would be used in bright and outdoor scenes.

We also tried to know how it would work if we used these filters on the actual artwork. We took half the picture on the color book and applied different filters on it. Mondrian gave extremely bad results. The same can be said about Scream and many other filters. In the end we were satisfied with the candy filter whose output was not too bad. Overall, this app works best with photos of real things.

Apart from this, you apply the filter only on such a picture that there is no lack of detail in it. For example, in a Claused up shot of a Labrador, the effect on the teeth was good. The rest of the picture was just goulder brown fur, nothing more. The line art filter, named Heisenberg, made this picture extremely lousy.

On the other hand, this app did a great job on the photo inside Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace.

The same can be said about the photographs made in the house of the waffle. Many lines and bright colors gave the app a chance to do wonders. In this case, the output photos came out great.

We tested this app on the iPad Pro. It can be run on iOS 8 or later, ie it will work on iPhone 4S as well. It ran very smoothly on our iPad Pro. It managed to apply filters to any picture in a few seconds. If you look at the review of the App Store, then it seems that most of the users have no complaints about its performance. In this case it should work properly on the device you use.

We loved the Prisma app. It reminds us of Instagram at the time of launch. We are currently confused as to how many people will use it continuously like Instagram. This app is fun to use. But you will not want to use these filters on every photo you take.

This app is free and even easier to use. We would suggest that you install it once. Further your choice.

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