Prolong your life with Common blood pressure medicine: research

Japanese scientists have discovered that a common blood pressure drug called “Metolizone” can help repair cells and prolong life. These results have been obtained from experiments on ketchups called sea elegans.

When metabolizon is absorbed into a cell and reaches a vital component of its mitochondria, it initiates a special biochemical process called mitochondrial unfolded protein response (UPRMT). ) is called.

This process naturally repairs the mitochondria, resulting in general health. However, with age, the process of “UPRMT” decreases. As a result, general health problems and signs of aging begin to appear.
However, if this process continues at its full potential, the mitochondria, the center of energy in the cell, will also be able to effectively repair its breakdown.

Apparently, this is why the symptoms of old age are less common and general health is better. And these two factors combine to make us age.

The hypothesis about metholyzone came a few years ago that this drug may repair mitochondria and increase our lifespan.

This hypothesis has been confirmed, at least at an early stage, but it remains to be tested on humans.

Because the drug has been used for the past fifty years, its use in humans should not be too difficult to achieve with age.

That is, it is hoped that over the next few years, the same blood pressure medication will be used to prevent aging and “longevity”.

Details of the study are published in the latest issue of the online research journal Biogerontology.

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