Raabta Movie VS An interesting Story

When I started I had a dream in my mind to make a bridge between intellectuals and layman internet users because the internet market is full of spams and wrong ideas and one cannot judge between right and wrong if he/she has not proper knowledge or previous guidance. So, Raabta was initiated with this good cause and I’m very happy to say that we have achieved our purpose to some extent. And now we are continuously moving towards our purpose. Now it’s time to have a look at the interesting story of Raabta Movie VS

Raabta Movie VS

Before going into detail let me share a very funny interesting story behind the connection between Raabta Movie and Raabta is an Indian movie that has its Wikipedia page too. It has great search volume because Bollywood had produced it. and Raabta film have common keywords present in their names so unluckily we are now competitors in the search engine. When you search simply for Raabta it has a great chance to get the result of the movie instead of my website.

Raabta Movie VS’s Logo

Raabta as a Keyword

But sometimes when I use the keyword in my posts I managed to come over the Raabta movie because my website address is the same as the Film name and keyword. In a sense, it’s a great hurdle for me to get ranked using my domain name on the first page but it’s also a great opportunity if I write reviews about the movie. When the Search engine will check the same keywords in URL and the Movie they will rank me on the first page.

Our Preference

Then Question is that why I’m not doing so. The answer is very simple that I have something different in my mind. I initialize to connect the audience to the knowledge of Science and Technology, tips and tricks, health and foods, etc. and If I start sharing reviews about a movie which was filmed many years back then the content will not be useful for my audience. always prefers to share highly researched and up to date content for its users. At a single time, we are covering topics like Health, Food, Science, Technology, News, Reviews, lifestyle, tips, tricks, and success stories. Be connected to knowledge and research.!!!

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