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Research begins on coronavirus curing mask

A few days ago, experts from MIT and Harvard University announced a mask on which the coronavirus falls, they change color and become brighter. However, now the news is that work has started on a mask on which the coronavirus sticks and will disappear.

University of Kentucky professor Debkar Bhattacharya has begun work on it and it could be the first coronary mask of its kind.

Basically, they have created an antiviral layer on which special enzymes have been applied. As the emerging virus falls on it, it sticks to the enzyme and slowly destroys the virus. Professor Bhattacharya is hopeful that the majority of the viruses that come on it will be destroyed on their own.

He said that the mask would destroy the virus floating in the air even when it hit the enzyme layer. However, the yeast is completely safe and no harmful chemicals have been added to the antiviral layer.

That is, the mask has two main components, an antiviral sheet and an enzyme that can kill the virus. According to Dr. Bhattacharya, color-changing properties can also be introduced in time.

The National Science Foundation in the United States has also immediately released a grant of $ 1.5 million to further research on the mask.

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Naeem Ur Rehman

Written by Naeem Ur Rehman

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