Revolutionary technology for removing blood clots with ultrasound and nanoparticles

North Carolina: If the blood flow is maintained, it is a mercy, and if the blood ever collects and becomes clotted, it is called a fatal inconvenience. Blood clots in tissues and veins can now be smashed with an ultrasound drill to keep blood flowing.

North Carolina State University has successfully demonstrated the ability to push very fine nanoparticles into the sound waves. These nanoparticles somehow penetrate the frozen blood and disperse these clots from within.

However, in 2017, the same team performed a practical demonstration to remove blood clots from ultrasound. But now with more innovation, nanoparticles have been added, which has made the job easier and they do not damage the blood vessels in any way.
Inside the nanoparticles are very small fat pellets containing a liquid called perfluorocarbons (PFC). These nanoparticles are so thin that they penetrate even the hardest clots of blood and go inside and tear the clot and it crumbles. In this process the liquid is heated by ultrasound and it is converted to gas due to its very low dissolution point.

As the ultrasound waves come, the vibrations of these drops increase and they fall on the bloodstream like hammers. Not only does this break down blood clots, but it also helps deliver anti-clotting or anti-clotting drugs.

In the next phase, it was tested on several models, including drugs. Various experiments were performed for half an hour. It also shows that it is very easy to deliver the medicine to the desired place through ultrasound. An experiment also demonstrated how to reduce blood clots by up to 40%. In the same way, the lump was further reduced by putting anticloth medicine in the microscopic bubbles and it was reduced to only 17% of the original size.

After this important success, it will be tested on different animals and then it will be the turn of humans.

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