Samsung brought a new sensor of 50 megapixels

South Korean company Samsung has launched a new image sensor, named iSocell GN1. It is a 50 megapixel image sensor. This sensor has 1.2 μm (μm) pixels. It is the first image sensor of the company comes with both dual pixels and tetracell technology. Due to the bigger pixels, this sensor will take smartphone photography to a new level and the user will get better photography experience than before. The company has started mass production of this sensor.

DSLR level autofocus speed With

This new sensor, great photos can be clicked in low light. This sensor will provide an autofocus speed of DSLR level. This will give users better image quality and ultra-high resolution.

What’s the difference between 2 DSLRs and phone cameras 

After hearing about so many megapixels on the phone, it seems that DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflection) camera usually has a camera of 20 megapixels or less, but still take photos from it. She takes it. Actually, the main difference between phones and DSLR cameras is the size of the sensor. The sensor is the basic technology behind how the camera works. The job of the sensor is to capture all the light coming through the lens. In such a situation, if the size of the sensor is large, it will capture a greater amount of light, more detail will appear in the photo. The quality of the picture taken with the 18-megapixel camera given in DSLR is much higher than the photo taken with the 48-megapixel camera of the phone.

Image processors also have an important role 

The job of a sensor is to capture light, but after that, all the light is converted into an electronic signal to the image processor. After this, the image processor performs this signal in a sequence like a puzzle, which is often overlooked.


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