Severe malnutrition can also cause changes in DNA, research

In children, malnutrition produces horrifying consequences in their bodies, but for the first time, it is now known that if malnutrition is severe, DNA itself can change.

The Belarkledge of Medicine, based in Houston, said after a study that in severe cases of malnutrition, in particular, agonies affect DNA at the epigenetic level, ie, gene orders (expressions) change. Malnutrition is medically divided into two types, namely, EASAM and NESAM.

These two phenomena may appear in the early days of children’s lives, known as Adamsis Activated Acute Mail Nutrition (EESAM) and ‘Non-Adams’ Acute Acute Mail Nutrition’ (NESAM). Published in Nature.
Of these, ESAM has the most complex effects on the baby’s genes. This raises metamorphism and other nutritional issues. For example, they promote fatty acids, physical weakness and abnormal blood sugar levels on the ESAM liver. According to Neil Henchard, a professor at Baylor College, EASAM causes physical inflammation, destruction of several organs, liver dysfunction, blood cells, and intestines. They cause the children to lose weight and also affect their skin and hair.

Scientists carefully studied dozens of children with ESAM and examined their genes, and found that this condition of severe eating disorders is changing their genes as they suffer from various diseases. ۔ Experts have been able to identify malnutrition at a genetic level, and this research can play a significant role in addressing nutritional problems.

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