Smart bottle to remind the patient of medication and inform doctors

Doctors have created a smart drug bottle that connects to a smartphone or watches via a mobile app and greatly enhances the process of taking the drug. It’s called ‘Bridge Connect’.

It has been tested on some patients so 100% results have been obtained. 40 to 50% of patients worldwide forget to take their medication or stay away from medication because of engagement. However, quitting medication in blood pressure, diabetes and many other diseases can have serious consequences.
Smart Bottle and App is made by a company called Euclid. The bottle is closed from the inside and only opens at the time of the medicine, which you can set yourself. The bottle can contain solid drugs, including tablets and capsules. The entire process of taking the medicine is recorded and the details of the meal are taken to your doctor.

In the first phase, it has been tested on 10 patients in Manchester, and after 80 more people have used it, 100% of the results have been reported and the doctors have expressed satisfaction. Next year, this bottle will be given to 200 more patients who suffer from a number of serious illnesses.

Suppose you have to eat medicine at 5 pm, then the app will be notified on SmartWatch or Phone and then the bottle will open automatically. After removing the pill, the bottle closes, which the baby cannot open.
Currently, this major invention is not available in the market but is in the testing phase, but according to the company, a box can cost up to 25 British pounds or Pakistani Rs 5,000.

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