Social Work By Sir Aman Ullah PDF

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PMS Social Work Paper-1

  1. Define Social Work. Discuss its Historical Background & Development Of Social Welfare In Pakistan.
  2. Define Society & Discuss The Characteristics Of Pakistan Society?
  3. Draw A Comparison Between Rural & Urban Society.
  4. Define The Term ‘Culture’ & Discuss The Influence Of Allied (Islamic, European & Indian) Culture On Our Culture.?
  5. What Is Meant By ‘Social Norms’ Discuss In Detail Various Stages/Components Of Social Norms.?
  6. Define Socialization & Describe Various Factor Of Socialization.
  7. Define Social Institution & Discuss The Function Of Following Institutions In Society(!-Family Institution,2-Religious Institution,3- Political Institution,4-Economic institution,5-Educational Institution)?
  8. Discuss The Importance Of Social Institution In Human Society.
  9. What Is Social Change? Discuss The Factor Voyage, Provoke, Cause Accelerate Social Change/Also Discuss Hurdles In Social Change.?
  10. Define Social Problems & Describe Causes Complication & Solution To Following Social Problems?
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