SpaceX’s most important rocket launch postponed on one occasion, Reason!

The SpaceX rocket launch of two NASA astronauts was deferred at the last moment. It was postponed due to bad weather.

Washington: The SpaceX rocket launch of two NASA astronauts was deferred at the last moment. It was postponed due to bad weather. If the bad weather had cleared, it would have flown off the launch pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center at 4:33 pm (20:33 GMT), the SpaceX rocket carrying the new Crew Dragon capsules. It was from this place that Neil Armstrong and his Apollo crew left for the moon for their historic journey.

On avoiding it 20 minutes before the launch of this mission, launch director Mike Taylor said, “Unfortunately we are not launching today.” Now on Saturday, this mission will be launched once again. If this is successful, it will be the first time in the world that a private company has done such a launch. This is something that only Russia, America and China have been able to do so far.

Let us know that the SpaceX rocket, along with NASA pilots Doug Hurley and Bob Benken, was scheduled to fly from Kennedy International Space Station on Wednesday afternoon. This is the first time that a private company is sending astronauts to space instead of the government. On the eve of the space departure, NASA director Jim Bridensstein from the Kennedy Space Center said that the space agency and SpaceX have asked everyone involved with the departure to be free to stop the countdown the moment they see any concern or trouble. Huh.

Bridgestone said that he had sent a message to both the astronauts on Monday and asked, “If you want me to stop it for any reason, you tell me, I will stop it in a moment.” To this, the astronauts said, “We are ready for this journey.” It was predetermined that if for some reason this mission could not be launched on Wednesday, then it would be launched on Saturday.

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