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Start Study Now – Avoid delays habit in your Study

It’s very humorous, but it is a reality that students still dream about starting tomorrow when they want to study. The students’ habit is very normal and universal. The overwhelming majority of students decide to start their studies tomorrow, but they decide to begin their studies tomorrow the same way. So, your future never arrives to begin your studies. I will start every day because today I am too exhausted to start, or I have essential things to do, from tomorrow. Every day they say the same paragraph.

A student will continue to pause his studies and never begin his studies every day. There are lazy teachers. Such students will take off from the other day for several other reasons. Delaying tests until the next day can also occasionally extend for months, but the pupil may not have learned anything for the test.

The consequences of this pause

  • It spends a great deal of student time. If you assume, starting on the following day, the students would fulfill their own reasoning and encourage them to lose time before the exam arrives.
  • When you neglect your studies every day it becomes a regular challenge for you and all your courses before your test are hard for you to cover.
  • You lose your curiosity in research with this habit.
  • If you lack a lot of valuable knowledge, which lets you write your test, while you attend your lectures.
  • You may feel a serious stress during your review because of the pressure of a lot of study.

How and when Study should be started?

The time going and never stoping is one of the precious tools for students. A student should know the importance of time and use it appropriately. Brilliant students are accustomed to beginning their studies on the first day of their academic session when they know that they must complete their studies. You agree that learning your books is your most important activity. You attend the classes and study yourself on a daily basis. They know their priorities very well as a student. Nothing else will interrupt them from their studies or inhibit the study process.

To wait the next day, and then never start, is synonymous with disappointment. You’re expected to arrive today right now. Do not lie by being happy that you are moving from tomorrow to study your studies. It’s time and you’re never going to expect. Avoid wasting your precious time and start writing now, as if you cannot start researching at this time, you will never be able to start your studies.

Next day, don’t hesitate. Now is the best time to start your studies. Right now. Throw away all the reasons that keep you from beginning. A student may have many things to do in his academic life, but his study is the most important activity for him, so make your study the priority of all his work. Any typical reasons that postpone students’ studies to the following day are “He’s not in good spirit that day.” “Weather is too hard to study that day” “He wants to watch a film the day…” You should be able to study anywhere and wherever you are a student. But you never believe your study is just ideal.

Start now and study on a daily basis. Start now. Likewise, periodically attend classroom seminars and take stock of your lectures and books to help you prepare for your test, which will never stop.

The goal of this page is the general question of all students – the issue of postponing study until the next day and never beginning study. The goal is to educate the students of the negative effects of this issue and to create a solution for this student problem.

Naeem Ur Rehman

Pakistan's youngest blogger and the CEO of He is currently the student of BS Environmental Sciences at University of the Punjab, Lahore. He is also working as a senior advisor to, Mukaalma, and Pylon TV.

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