Happiness, ease, tranquility, and suicide !!! Sushant Singh Committed suicide: Bilal Shoukat Azad

It is learned that the body of Indian actress Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging from the roof, which has been declared as suicide in the first investigation.

All religions, worldly laws and moral principles are very clear about suicide, it is an ugly and wrong act, but still people do not stop committing it.


If the poor commit suicide, the cause is said to be poverty.

If a poor person commits suicide, the reason is said to be poverty.

If a lover commits suicide, the reason is said to be love.

If the debtor commits suicide, the reason is said to be debt.

If the offender commits suicide, the reason given is guilt.

When the hungry commit suicide, the reason is said to be hunger.

If a student commits suicide, the reason given is academic.

When disrespect commits suicide, the reason is said to be disrespect.

Repentance is said to be the reason for remorse.

If a rich person commits suicide, the reason given is uneasiness etc.

No matter how many cases of suicide are raised, no one will be found without a reason, but are the reasons given so important and suicidal that one can separate all the blessings and blessings of Allah, including life, from oneself without the will of Allah?

If comfort and ease, wealth, fame and honor are inseparable from happiness and tranquility, then what is the problem for Sushant and other suicidal people like him that they commit suicide?

By the way, what is peace and comfort?

I think comfort and ease for the poor is a way out of poverty,

Comfort and tranquility for the poor is relief from poverty,

For the lover, ease and tranquility is the fulfillment of love,

Comfort and relief for the debtor is getting rid of debt,

Comfort and tranquility for the offender is free from the punishment of guilt,

Comfort and relief for the hungry is relief from hunger,

Comfort and relaxation for the student is the academic completion,

Comfort and tranquility for dishonor is freedom from disgrace,

Comfort and serenity for repentance is free from remorse,


For the rich, comfort and serenity are a relief from discomfort and restlessness.

But are all of these causes and possible solutions enough to prevent suicide?

No, because I think our definitions of comfort, ease, wealth or precious possessions are totally meaningless and existence is real and temporary, but man is prone to suicide because of problems whose definitions are spiritual and existence is unreal. ۔


Take the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, for example.

Was he poor, needy, indebted, indebted, guilty, hungry, student, disrespectful, remorseful or restless?

He may not be one of them and it is quite possible that he may have one or more of the above mentioned titles but his news is not known to anyone except Sushant and Allah and he is afraid of it. That its secret should not be revealed or that the definition of peace and comfort should not be what is common in the world such as wealth, fame, honor and freedom and sovereignty.

Then what could be the reason?

Then it may be that even if Allah provides all the pleasures of Paradise to a human being in this mortal life in this world, then Allah has made the thirst, lust and greed in the nature of human beings a reason that Paradise is also a mortal life for human beings. Can’t keep a happy and inclined life with a long and comfortable life. Therefore, precious and important for the peace and comfort of a human being is not wealth, fame and honor, but the spirit, the human being or the belief and ideology that a human being has. No matter what happens, he can’t get it despite all his efforts and strength.

I do not feel any remorse for the suicide of a rich and poor person including Sushant. In my opinion, suicide is hateful even with religious and legal justification, but for personal reasons, I find suicide an act of aggression and despair.

Sacrificial act because a person who commits suicide, instead of facing the hardships and sufferings that come from Allah, saves his life by taking his own life and sacrifices Allah and those who belong to Allah that I do not have patience and gratitude. So I went to spoil what is to spoil me?

And the one who commits suicide is the one who commits suicide because he is disappointed in the blessings of Allah and at the same time he makes the society despair, restless and restless because there is no Allah and man has never been patient and thankful. Can’t set destination.

However, suicide, like rape and other religious, legal and moral crimes, is a great sin and a great crime, the publicity of which and the regret and resentment over it does not beautify us, but it should be dealt with like all other sins and crimes. Traditions have been turned upside down that we cover up positive things and be ashamed, while we have become generous in publicizing negative things and giving favorable reactions to them.

There is no religious, legal or moral justification for committing suicide, no matter what happens at the time of resurrection. Therefore, whoever commits this crime is just as guilty as Allah, so we are also guilty of it. Do not commit a crime because Allah does not like what we do not like.

If you want happiness, ease and tranquility, be it rich or poor, just become patient and grateful to Allah, then everything will be found, otherwise suicide will be your destiny.

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