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    Modi government’s policies failed against Corona: The New York Times

    The New York Times has opened a pool of Modi government’s policies against Corona, saying that despite the severe lockdown, Corona cases and deaths are high in India. A report released by the New York Times says that the Indian people are losing confidence in the government. Despite severe lockdowns, India has more corona cases and deaths, while Pakistan has…

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  • PakistanPakistan is With PM Imran Khan

    Imran Khan thanks world leaders for condolences on PIA plane crash

    I am grateful to world leaders for sending condolences on the loss of precious lives in the tragic plane crash. In these moments of mourning, the people of Pakistan cherish the expression of courage and solidarity. المناک فضائی حادثے میں قیمتی جانوں کے ضیاع پر تعزیتی پیغامات بھجوانے پر میں عالمی رہنماؤں کا شکرگزار ہوں۔ سوگ کے ان لمحات میں…

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    Indian PM expresses regret over Karachi plane crash

    New Delhi: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed regret over the plane crash and loss of life in Karachi. On social networking site Twitter, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed deep sorrow over the loss of life in a plane crash in Pakistan and said that he has heartfelt sympathy with the families of those killed in the…

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