Teachers’ welfare is our priority: Dr. Mumtaz Anwar.Ch

Lahore: Punjab University Academic Staff Association’s (ASA) annual election is being held on 18 Feb 2021. During the Election campaign the the presidential candidate and director institute of economics Dr. Mumtaz Ch said

That the maintaining sovereignty of Punjab University is our top agenda. He said ASA under his leadership has been working and will continue to work for the welfare of teaching staff at the most prestigious higher education institution of Punjab. ‘We will take steps to introduce reforms for sustainable development of university and its teaching staff’, he added.

In his statement, he opposed the newly introduced Ph.D. admission policy of Higher Education Commission (HEC) and assured, ASA under his leadership will play an important role to rehabilitate Ph.D. policy.

Rana Ali Zohaib

Journalist / Columnist / Reporter at Truth Tracker international Magazine. Columnist at (Urdu and English),

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