Technological Forecasting and Social change

The modern era is known as the era of technology, and the generation living in this era is entitled to screen generation. From marking their footsteps on the mud of the moon till competing with the speed of light to travel the dimensions of time, is all due to technology.

As advancements in the different fields of science, is a fruit of new developing technology, there are many other fields, which are influenced by the New Developing Technology. Now as the claw of technology has grasped society firmly, every single social behaviour of the society has been influenced by it.

Impact of Social Media on Social Life.

According to modern sociologists and anthropologists, the revolutions or movements taking place in this world since the advancement in technology have much more impact than they use to have in the past.

With the advancement in the field of media and communication, regional movements have become a global dilemma. For instance, if we turn back the pages of history; the Arab spring, which starts from Tunisia eventually hits the borders of Jordan and Algeria and so on down the list, had its impact on multiple entities and nationalities. In this case, the national movement had changed into a regional political movement. Now, New media technology is a tool impacting the sociopolitical dynamics of the world. Anyone sitting in New York has all the knowledge about what’s going on in Kashmir.

Global Village.

Nowadays we can see as Kashmir issue is in the limelight whenever the sanctions or curfews are imposed by the Indians, the first thing they do, is to cut off the internet connections and modes of communication in the valley. Because nowadays technology is a weapon that can shake the throne from their bases.

We have witnessed that when Syed Ali Gilani, tweeted that, “ India is going to do the biggest genocide of the human history”. Within a matter of hours, #GenocideKashmir became one of Twitter’s top trends.

So, as the necessity is the mother of all inventions, technology has become the mother of revolutions. And it has converged the world on to one point.

Syed Sohaib Hassan Kirmani
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Student of Mass Communication at Beacon House National University.
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