Technology that converts moisture from air into drinking water

Gaza: Israeli scientists have invented a solar-powered technology that traps moisture in the air and turns it into drinking water.

According to the international news agency, the company “Water Jin” of the Russian-born Israeli billionaire Michael Mariela Shweli has introduced this technology to alleviate the severe water shortage in the densely populated Gaza Strip.

Scientists at WaterGen claim that environmental water generators absorb moisture from the air and convert it into water, and in the second stage the water is filtered and made drinkable.

These technologies can produce 5,000 to 6,000 liters of clean drinking water on a daily basis with 65% humidity, but if the moisture content exceeds 90%, an additional 1,000 liters of water can be produced.

A spokesman for a company called WaterGen told the media that the project, designed for Gaza, was worth 61 61,000 and that the technology offered a good solution to water shortages.

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