Its been only 2 weeks since I joined the university, and I came across a certain issue which increased my disappointment and frustration so I was trying to find a way to get that out. And hence addressing the issue is the only solution. My concern is the gardens and litter in our department. I see much lack of management and care for this all. And yes its really heartbreaking to see how demotivated and out of energy the people are to even talk about this. Not all, but the majority.

Have you ever been to the cafe side of our department? I mean it’s so littered, unimaginable. And the worst part is that we have two gardeners/ cleaners (whom I talked to before) for all this but the output is almost none. I talked to the attendants outside our classes about the dying plants in the classes area and the outgrown gardens. Now, they did start some work that day and you’ll see the dying plants were removed and the garden was trimmed. But what about the rest of the gardens? and where is the consistency? When you enter the area you can’t distinguish whether it belongs to Environmental Sciences or some random park. I know how I kill my urge to cleaning all that every day.

Since the issue is being discussed and I saw the output of me addressing it before so it brings us to the remedy on our scale now. these are some of my suggestions:

  • We can use our society as a platform to raise awareness on this and we can make charts or some placards and put them in certain places. And I have volunteers in my class who are willing to help and we can even help in cleaning the area.
  • I request management about making some strict laws against litter. like if someone is found doing that, mark his/her absent for a class OR fine him/her some amount.
  • we start a campaign through our society which can bring more people to be a part of this and if it works out, we can get to other departments and bring THE CHANGE on a bigger scale!

My point is that being “environmentalists”, we’re the “ambassadors of nature”. People expect things from us, right?

And if we can’t implement the basic rules in our own department, how do we expect people to listen to us and our cause? charity begins at home right? this is home to us now. we have to keep it clean and safe. We start from the smallest level and grow up. It has already been so late. So we start here, we start now!

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